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The Executive Assistant with Microsoft Office Master 2019 (Vouchers Included) includes: Microsoft Office Master 2019 Certification Training (Vouchers Included)
Certified Administrative Professional (Voucher Included)
Management Training

Executive Assistant with Microsoft Office Master 2019 (Vouchers Included)

$4,595.00 (USD)
List Price: $6,085.00
Save: $1,490.00 (24% off)




Microsoft Office Specialist 2019 (MOS) Certification Training
Microsoft Word 2019
I. Introduction to Microsoft Word 2019
A. Creating a Microsoft Word Document
B. The Ribbon
C. The File Tab
D. The Quick Access Toolbar
E. Formatting Microsoft Word Documents
F. Editing Documents
G. Finalizing Microsoft Word Documents
H. Introduction to Microsoft Word 2019 Exam
II. Intermediate Microsoft Word 2019
A. Advanced Formatting
B. Working with Tables
C. Working with Images
D. Page Layout
E. Working with Illustrations
F. Viewing Your Document(s)
G. Intermediate Microsoft Word 2019 Exam
III. Advanced Microsoft Word 2019
A. Working with Long Documents
B. Reviewing and Collaborating on Documents
C. Comparing and Combining Documents
D. Managing Mailings
E. Protecting Documents
F. Random Useful Items
G. Advanced Microsoft Word 2019 Exam
IV. Microsoft Word 2019 Final Exam
Microsoft Excel 2019
I. Introduction to Microsoft Excel 2019
A. Creating a Microsoft Excel Workbook
B. The Ribbon
C. The Backstage View (The File Menu)
D. Entering Data in Microsoft Excel Worksheets
E. Formatting Microsoft Excel Worksheets
F. Using Formulas in Microsoft Excel
G. Working with Rows and Columns
H. Editing Worksheets
I. Finalizing Microsoft Excel Worksheets
J. Introduction to Microsoft Excel 2019 Exam
II. Intermediate Microsoft Excel 2019
A. Advanced Formulas
B. Working with Lists
C. Working with Illustrations
D. Visualizing Your Data
E. Working with Tables
F. Advanced Formatting
G. Intermediate Microsoft Excel 2019 Exam
III. Advanced Microsoft Excel 2019
A. Using Pivot Tables
B. Auditing Worksheets
C. Data Tools
D. Working with Others
E. Recording and Using Macros
F. Random Useful Items
G. Advanced Microsoft Excel 2019 Exam
IV. Microsoft Excel 2019 Final Exam
Microsoft PowerPoint 2019
I. Introduction to Microsoft PowerPoint 2019
A. Creating a PowerPoint Presentation
B. The Ribbon
C. The Quick Access Toolbar
D. The Backstage View (The File Menu)
E. Formatting Microsoft PowerPoint Presentations
F. Working with Images
G. Working with Tables and Charts
H. Finalizing Microsoft PowerPoint Presentations
I. Introduction to Microsoft PowerPoint 2019 Final Exam
II. Advanced Microsoft PowerPoint 2019
A. Customizing Presentations
B. Presentation Masters
C. Working with Special Effects
D. Using SmartArt
E. Multimedia
F. Setting Up the Slide Show
G. Outlines and Slides
H. Managing Multiple Presentations
I. Sharing and Securing a Presentation
J. Advanced Microsoft PowerPoint 2019 Final Exam
III. PowerPoint 2019 Final Exam
Microsoft Outlook 2019
I. Introduction to Microsoft Outlook 2019
A. The Outlook 2019 Interface
B. Performing Popular Tasks in Outlook 2019
C. Working with Messages
D. Working with the Calendar
E. Organizing Contacts
F. Introduction to Microsoft Outlook 2019 Exam
II. Advanced Microsoft Outlook 2019
A. Working with Tasks and Notes
B. Using Signature and Themes
C. Managing Your Inbox
D. Working with Multiple Email Accounts
E. Advanced Microsoft Outlook 2019 Exam
III. Microsoft Outlook Final Exam
Certified Administrative Professional
I. Organizational Communication (Part 1)
A. Communication Essentials
B. InteractingWithStakeholders
C. Teams
D. Quiz
II. Organizational Communication (Part 2)
A. Networking
B. Interpersonal Interactions
C. Public Speaking
D. International Business
E. Organizational Structure and Systems
F. Legal Issues/Ethics
G. Quiz
III. Business Writing and Document Production
A. Business Writing
B. Using Personal Computer Software Applications
C. Publishing Web Documents, Hard-Copy Documents, and Meeting Minutes
D. Quiz
IV. Technology and Information Distribution
A. Information in Organizations
B. Researching, Gathering, Compiling, and Analyzing Data and Information
C. Networks for Information Distribution and Maintaining, Backing-up, and Storing Data
D. Quiz
V. Office and Records Management
A. Office and Records Management (Introduction)
B. The Basics of Creating Functioning and Productive Workspaces
C. Obtaining and Managing Resources for Your Office and Working in a Virtual Office
D. Quiz
VI. Event and Project Management
A. Event and Travel Management: Coordinating Virtual Meetings
B. Project Management, Time Management, and Negotiations
C. Quiz
VII. Human Resources
A. Human Resources Functions, Duties, and Processes
B. Employee Files and Records and Employee Training
C. Recruitment, Staffing, and Hiring Practices
D. Diversity, Onboarding/Offboarding, and Human Resource Law
E. Quiz
VIII. Financial Functions
A. Organizational Finance: Budgeting, Financial Statements, and Financial Transactions
B. Banking Process and the Bank Statement Reconciliation Process
C. Basic Statistical Analysis
D. Quiz
IX. Workplace Behaviors
A. Goal Setting and Creativity
B. Problem Solving and Decision Making
C. Time Management and Stress Management
D. Quiz
X. Becoming an Administrative Assistant and Advancing Your Career
A. Job Duties, Responsibilities, and Personal Characteristics of Administrative Assistants
B. Administrative Assistant Position Options
C. Becoming an Administrative Assistant, Making a Career Change, and Career Advancement
D. Quiz
Management Training
I. Financial and Accounting Management
II. Marketing Management
III. Strategic Management in Operations
IV. Legal Issues in Operations
V. Legal Aspects of Contracts
VI. Tax Issues
VII. Organizational Development and Change
VIII. Negotiating Strategies
IX. Business Best Practices
X. Organization Leadership and Decision Making
XI. Project Management for Executives
XII. Seven Management Disciplines





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