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Certified Indoor Air Quality Manager

$795.00 (USD)



I.    Introduction
    A.    Goals
    B.    Problems and Solutions
    C.    IAQ and Productivity
    D.    Introductions
    E.    Program Overview
    F.    CIAQM Certification
    G.    Reference Documents
    H.    Indoor Air Quality
    I.    IAQ Problems
II.    IAQ Contaminants and Health Effects
    A.    At-risk Populations
    B.    Sick-building Syndrome
    C.    Building-related Illness
    D.    Particulate Matter
    E.    Specific Air Contaminants
    F.    Occupational Exposure Guidelines
III.    HVAC and IAQ
    A.    HVAC Impact on IAQ
    B.    Commercial HVAC
    C.    Temperature and RH
    D.    Filtration
    E.    Cooling Coils
    F.    UV Lights
    G.    Condensate Drain Pans
    H.    Duct Work
    I.    Cooling Tower
    J.    Outdoor Air Ventilation
    K.    Space Pressurization
    L.    Mechanical Room Cleanliness
    M.    IAQ and Energy
IV.    IAQ Management
    A.    Policy Statement
    B.    IAQ Management Plan
    C.    IAQ Notebook
    D.    Assignments and Training
    E.    IAQ Manager Responsibilities
    F.    Protocols
    G.    Complaint Response System
    H.    Case Study
    I.    Outside Consultants
    J.    Marketing
    K.    Budgeting
V.    Assessing IAQ
    A.    IAQ Profile
    B.    Diagnosing IAQ Problems
    C.    IAQ Assessment Plan
        1.    Step 1: Gather Information
        2.    Step 2: Walk-through Inspection
        3.    Step 3: Indicator Measurements
        4.    Step 4: Diagnostic Measurements
VI.    Resolving IAQ Problems
    A.    Controlling an IAQ Problem
    B.    Source Control
    C.    Ventilation
    D.    Filtration
    E.    Reducing VOCs
    F.    Reducing Radon
    G.    Controlling ETS
    H.    Mold Remediation
VII.    Preventing IAQ Problems
    A.    Preventative Maintenance
    B.    Healthy Alternatives
    C.    Stopping Contaminants at the Door
    D.    Guidelines for Remodeling





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