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Freight Broker/Agent Training

$1,895.00 (USD)



I. Lesson 1: The Basics of Freight Brokering
    A. Job duties, qualities, and skills of an effective freight broker and a freight broker agent
II. Lesson 2: Setting Up Your Business and Office
    A. Steps needed to launch a business and set up an office
III. Lesson 3: Setting Goals and Developing Your Corporate Identity
    A. Evaluate business goals and mission statements
IV. Lesson 4: Setting Up Your Shipper Packet and Your Carrier Packet
    A. Documents to send to shippers and carriers
V. Lesson 5: Operations and Using Operations Software
    A. Forms, logs, and broker software that work best for business; how to avoid or manage day-to-day problems that freight brokers face
VI. Lesson 6: Types of Freight and Exploring Niche Markets
    A. Differentiate between the types of freight and the types of niche markets available
VII. Lesson 7: Transportation Law
    A. Transportation law most affect business as a broker or agent, and why they are important to operations
VIII. Lesson 8: Broker-Carrier Contracts
    A. How contracts protect brokers and carriers
IX. Lesson 9: Broker-Shipper Agreements
    A. Components of an effective broker-shipper agreement

X. Lesson 10: Insurance for Carriers and Brokers
    A. Insurance policies and forms essential for carriers and brokers
XI. Lesson 11: Recordkeeping, Accounting, and Financial Management
    A. Different processes and records encountered as a broker freight
XII. Lesson 12: Determining Your Rate Quotes
    A. Rate quotes that are based on relevant information

XIII. Lesson 13: Carrier Relations and Solutions for Success
    A. Situations from a carrier's point of view
XIV. Lesson 14: Sales and Profitability
    A. Sales techniques and results as part of sales success
XV. Lesson 15: Advanced Marketing
    A. Marketing efforts that will be beneficial for business
XVI. Lesson 16: Develop Your Negotiation Skills
    A. Negotiation skills from first real sales calls






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