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Microsoft Excel 2016 Certification Training

$595.00 (USD)









"The Microsoft Excel 2016 Certification Training class was easy to follow with excellent teaching videos to learn from and plenty of practice exercises to learn on in each section." - Christina L.

"This class is great for users new to Excel and for users who use Excel in their daily activities. The content is well written and presented in a clear and concise manner. The exercises provide great opportunities to apply the course material in an easy to understand format complete with before and after videos to explain the concept and the solution. At the conclusion, the user will have a much better understanding of Excel along with resource materials that can be referenced at any point along their journey through Excel moving forward." - Jason S.

"This is a great class for those starting in Excel or who could use further training. I was already proficient in Excel, but this helped me learn more than I already knew. Great class!" - Kristina H.

"This online class is very informative and covers most everything you need to know about Excel 2016."- D.F.

"I thought learning Excel would be difficult, but this class made it easy!" - Breanne B.

"Being able to log in on your own time makes this class perfect for the working parent. Easy to work with, easy to do, and easy to understand the material with the readings and videos!" - Crystal S.

"I would suggest this course to anyone looking to learn new skills or receive specialized certifications for their work."- Anita F.

"I already had a pretty good understanding of Excel, but this course deepened my understanding and helped me learn new, easier ways to do tasks in Excel." - Harold W.

"I liked that there were written as well as video presentations showing the solutions. The visual examples of how or when to use a feature helped me understand what I was learning and it sparked my imagination of what I could do with it." - Dorray W.

"This class helped me move to another level in my job and gave me the knowledge to succeed." - Norbert G.

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