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Contact: Nicole DeLorenzo
575-315-1213 Nicole.DeLorenzo@enmu.edu

The Accounts Payable Specialist Certification with Microsoft Excel includes: Microsoft Excel Certification Training
Accounts Payable Specialist Certification (Exam Cost Included)

Accounts Payable Specialist Certification with Microsoft Excel

Prepare for Accounts Payable Specialist (APS) certification, offered by the Institute of Finance & Management and the Microsoft Office Specialist certification for Microsoft Excel. APS certification is included upon successful course completion.

$1,695.00 (USD)
List Price: $1,890.00
Save: $195.00 (10% off)




  1. Microsoft Excel Certification Training
    1. Introduction to Microsoft Excel
      1. Creating a Microsoft Excel Workbook
      2. The Ribbon
      3. The Backstage View (The File Menu)
      4. Entering Data in Microsoft Excel Worksheets
      5. Formatting Microsoft Excel Worksheets
      6. Using Formulas in Microsoft Excel
      7. Working with Rows and Columns
      8. Editing Worksheets
      9. Finalizing Microsoft Excel Worksheets
      10. Introduction to Microsoft Excel Exam
    2. Intermediate Microsoft Excel
      1. Advanced Formulas
      2. Working with Lists
      3. Working with Illustrations
      4. Visualizing Your Data
      5. Working with Tables
      6. Advanced Formatting
      7. Intermediate Microsoft Excel Exam
    3. Advanced Microsoft Excel
      1. Using Pivot Tables
      2. Auditing Worksheets
      3. Data Tools
      4. Working with Others
      5. Recording and Using Macros
      6. Random Useful Items
      7. Advanced Microsoft Excel Exam
    4. Microsoft Excel Final Exam
  2. Accounts Payable Specialist Certification (Exam Cost Included)
    1. Introduction
    2. Overview
    3. Internal Controls
    4. Tax and Regulatory
    5. Vendor Master File
    6. Invoices
    7. Payments
    8. Travel and Entertainment (T&E)
    9. Technology and Automation





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