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The Certified Medical Transcriptionist (Voucher Included) includes: Certified Medical Transcriptionist
Medical Terminology

Certified Medical Transcriptionist (Voucher Included)

Certified Medical Transcriptionist (Voucher Included)
$2,695.00 (USD)
List Price: $3,490.00
Save: $795.00 (23% off)




  1. Medical Terminology
    1. Introduction to Medical Terminology
    2. The Musculoskeletal System
    3. The Cardiovascular System
    4. The Lymphatic and Immune Systems
    5. The Respiratory System
    6. The Digestive System
    7. The Urinary System
    8. The Nervous System
    9. The Special Senses The Eyes and Ears
    10. The Integumentary System
    11. The Endocrine System
    12. The Reproductive System
    13. Diagnostic Procedures, Nuclear Medicine, Pharmacology
  2. Medical Transcription
    1. The Medical Transcription Industry
    2. The Medical Record: Confidentiality and Legal Issues
    3. English Language Basics for the MT
    4. Understanding Medical Terminology – A Refresher
    5. Mastering Common Medical Terms
    6. Pharmacology
    7. Report Types and Formatting Standards
    8. Transcription Rules and Formatting Guidelines
    9. Preparing to Transcribe
    10. Midterm
    11. Case Study 1 – Reproductive System
    12. Case Study 2 – The Gastrointestinal System
    13. Case Study 3 – The Cardiopulmonary System
    14. Case Study 4 – Pediatric Neurology/Orthopedics Systems
    15. Case Study 5 – Psychology/Neurology System
    16. Final Exam





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