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You're contemplating a new career and with that, a career training program... But what kind of assistance will you receive once you complete?

Your Virtual Career Center offers support and guidance in taking the next step after completing your Career Training Program. It allows you to access industry market data, current job opportunities, and so much more.


Is your newly acquired skillset in demand in your region?

Where do you have the most earning potential with your certification?

Use the industry research tools to answer your questions regarding industry market data.


How do you start an online job search?

What considerations should you make when deciding to relocate?

Use the job hunt resources to get your search started.


How should your resume look?

What do you wear to your interview?

Get your most pressing questions answered.
Every Career Training student gets free access to the Virtual Career Center, so taking the next step – whether that’s finding a new job or negotiating a promotion – is easier to navigate.
For access to your Virtual Career Center.
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