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Call Center Manager

$2,995.00 (USD)



What you will learn

  • The departmental functions within contact centers and the metrics associated with performance
  • How to structure phone, email, chat and social media conversations for consistently positive outcomes
  • The essentials for supervising and leading call center teams, including performance management, time management, and coaching techniques
  • How to build a quality monitoring form, host calibration meetings, create the voice of the customer programs, quality monitoring programs, and interaction analytics programs
  • The workforce management process, including an in-depth understanding of forecasting, scheduling, intraday management, and skill-based routing

How you will benefit

  • An operational understanding of contact centers and key metrics is essential to a successful career in call center management
  • Call center managers should understand the agent's role and be aware of the best practices for handling customer contacts across channels to best support their contact centers
  • Contact centers rely on teams and supervisors who lead them. It is critical for contact center managers to have a firm understanding of the roles and responsibilities of a call center supervisor
  • Quality assurance and workforce management knowledge will empower you to communicate the needs of the business effectively






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