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Wind Energy Professional

$2,395.00 (USD)



I.    Wind Energy Principles
    A. Wind History
    B. Wind History Knowledge Check
    C. Wind Turbine Components
    D. Wind Turbine Components Knowledge Check
    E. Aerodynamics
    F. Aerodynamics Knowledge Check
    G. Meteorological Factors Knowledge Check
    H. Wind Farms
    I. Wind Farms Knowledge Check
    J. CRM
    K. CRM
    L. Six Sigma
    M. Six Sigma Knowledge Check
    N. Root Cause Analysis
    O. Root Cause Analysis Knowledge Check
    P. SWOT
    Q. SWOT Knowledge Check
    R. Inventory Chain
    S. Inventory Chain Knowledge Check
    T. Supply Chain Management
    U. Supply Chain Management Knowledge Check
    V. Lease Agreements
    W. Lease Agreements Knowledge Check
    X. HR and Company Policies
    Y. HR and Company Policies Knowledge Check

II.    Basic Electrical Theory
    A. Program Introduction
    B. Fundamentals of Electricity
    C. Principles of Magnetism
    D. Circuits
    E. The Mathematics of Electricity
    F. Using Electrical Measuring Instruments
    G. Inductance and Capacitance

III.    Hydraulics and Pneumatics
    A. Welcome
    B. Safety
    C. The Principles of Hydraulics
    D. Symbology
    E. Components: Intro
    F. Components: Pumps
    G. Components: Flow Control Valves
    H. Components: Solenoid Two-way Valves
    I. Components: Spool and Directional Valves
    J. Components: Logic Valves
    K. Components: Pressure Control Valves
    L. Components: Pressure Relief Valves
    M. Components: Pressure-reducing Valves
    N. Components: Cylinders
    O. Components: Motors
    P. Components: Actuators
    Q. Storage
    R. Hydraulic Plumbing
    S. Fluids (Petroleum-based)
    T. Miscellaneous Components






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Corporate Education
1201 Arrow Ave.
NE Watertown, SD 57201 US

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