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Certified Model Know How

Learn how to become competitive, professional, and deliver a quality product as a model. You will also obtain step-by-step guidance and mentorship to avoid costly career mistakes.

$1,995.00 (USD)



What you will learn

  • Foundations on modeling: look, composition card, and reputable agencies
  • Perfect art of posing and runway walk
  • How to set up social media, attract followers, and monetize their brand
  • Ways to create content, master styled shoots, and develop concepts
  • Understand the history of modeling and how to turn it into a long-standing career
  • Discover how to style hair and apply makeup for specific types of model looks

How you will benefit

  • Work with reputable agencies, build a model portfolio, prepare for casting and auditions, and understand the importance of a composition card
  • Knowledge of the runway walk including hand placement, model gaze, the long stride, simple pivot turn, advanced turns, different runway themes, and showing the garment
  • Perfect the Art of Posing which includes depth of field, light awareness, making shapes two-dimensionally, changing directions and perfecting your pose
  • Understand the importance of social media, branding and authenticity, hashtags and discoverability, online networking, and monetizing social media
  • Identify your specialty and representation that works for you, know how to represent your brand in press interviews
  • Recognize and perfect different types of model looks (casting, commercial, high fashion, and editorial looks), how to build content creation, styled shoots, and concept development
  • Earn the Model Know How Certification offered by LWPI






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