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Grant Writing

$2,295.00 (USD)



I. Introduction to Grant Research
A. Identifying grants that fit with your organization
B. How to obtain grants that fit with your organization
C. How to move through the grant research process
D. Flexibility in the grant research process
E. Categorizing grants found in the research process
II. Introduction to Grant Writing
A. Common myths about the grant process
B. Preparing the request for proposal
C. Writing process
a. Bid/no bid decision
b. How to decline an RFP
D. Analyzing the RFP
a. Proposal team
b. Detailed analysis of the RFP
c. How to protect proprietary information
E. Scheduling tasks and meeting deadlines for the RFP
F. Program design
a. How will you fulfill the requirements of the RFP
b. Services you will provide
c. Time and money it will take to complete the project
G. Parts of the proposal
H. What to keep in mind when looking for grant funding
III. Advanced Grant Writing
A. Introduction
B. Program planning and evaluation
a. Defining your program or service
b. How you plan to assess the program
C. Program planning process
D. Needs assessment
E. Proposal writing
F. Logic model
G. Writing a grant proposal
a. Narrative portion of a grant proposal
b. Grant proposal abstract
IV. Non-profit Management and Governance
A. Management and Leadership
B. Finance
C. Legal Issues
D. Public Relations
E. Board Relationships
F. Evaluation
G. Organization and Development
H. Human Resources Issues
I. Governance
V. Specialized Writing Techniques for Grants
A. Setting up the grant proposal
B. The front matter of the grant proposal
C. What is included in the body of the proposal
D. Program design
E. Technical section of the proposal
F. Project management plan
a. What role will each team member play
b. What is your timeline
c. When/what will you report
G. Time/Cost outline
H. Common errors made in preparing response to a request for funding
I. What to include in the organization profile section
J. Executive summary and appendices of the proposal
VI. Technical Writing
A. Technical writing skills
B. Writing process of preparing a technical document
C. Resources to include in technical writing
D. Specificity in technical writing
VII. Writing Essentials
A. Planning Skills
B. Composition
C. Four Components of Writing
D. Grammar Tips
E. Common Mistakes
F. Improving Your Writing
VIII. Grammar Essentials
A. Components of Writing
a. Grammar
b. Syntax
c. Word choice
B. The components of a sentence
a. Parts of speech
b. Subjects and predicates
c. Using word order to change the emphasis of a sentence
C. Different types of sentences
a. Simple
b. Compound
c. Complex
d. Compound-complex
e. Sentence intention
D. Identifying faulty sentences
a. Incomplete sentences
b. Rambling sentences
E. Using punctuation correctly
F. Using the correct verb tense in your writing
G. The function of a paragraph
a. Topic sentence
b. Paragraph length
c. Writing paragraphs
H. Using cause and effect in your writing
IX. Budgeting Essentials
A. Introduction
B. The Concept of Budgeting
C. Activity-based Budgeting
D. Factors to Consider in Budgeting
E. Production Planning
F. Inventory
G. Sample Budget and Summary
X. Fundraising Fundamentals
A. Fund Raising
B. Marketing
C. Locating Funding Sources
D. Effective Writing
E. Successful Proposals
F. Current Trends
G. Managing Products
H. Annual Giving Campaigns
I. Corporate Sponsorships
J. Major Donors
K. Foundation and Government Grants
L. Planned Giving
M. Special Events
N. Capital Campaigns






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