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Administrative Professional with Microsoft Office Specialist 2010

$2,395.00 (USD)





Administrative Professional

I.  The Dynamic Workplace

a) The Workplace—Constantly Changing

b) Workplace Team and Environment 

c) The Virtual Workplace

 II.  Workforce Behaviors

a) Your Professional Image 

b) Anger, Stress, and Time Management

c) Ethical Theories and Behaviors 

III. Communication Essentials

a) Written Communications

b) Verbal Communication and Presentations 

c) Customer Service  

IV. Technology Basics

a) Technology Update

b) Workplace Mail and Copying

c) Telecommunications—Technology and Etiquette

V. Records and Financial Management

a) Managing Records

b) Personal Finance

VI. Meetings and Travel

a) Event Planning

b) Travel Arrangements

VII. Career Advancement

a) Job Search and Advancement

b) Leadership

Microsoft Office

I.             Word 2010

a)            Getting Started with Word

b)            Working with Text

c)            Working with Graphics

d)            Business Documents

e)            Mail Merges

f)             Word and the Internet

g)            Tabs, Tables and Lists

h)            Styles and Form Design

i)             Sharing and Collaboration

II.            Excel 2010

a)            Getting Started with Excel

b)            Working with Data

c)            Presenting the Data Visually

d)            Business Spreadsheets

e)            Formula and Data

f)             Excel and the Internet

g)            Tables and Lists

h)            Analyzing Data Visually

i)             Sharing and Collaboration

III.           PowerPoint 2010

a)            Getting Started with PowerPoint

b)            Creating Presentations

c)            Working with Graphics

d)            Tables, Charts and Templates

e)            Transitions and Animations

f)             Sharing and Collaboration

IV.          Outlook

a)            Getting Started with Outlook

b)            Working with Email

c)            Managing Email

d)            Working with the Calendar

e)            Outlook and the Internet

f)             Managing Outlook

V.            Access

a)            Getting Started with Access

b)            Tables and Table Design

c)            Forms and Form Design

d)            Questions and Query Design

e)            Answers and Report Design

f)             One-from-Many Relationships

g)            One-to-Many Form Design

h)            Designing for Users

i)             One-to-Many in Report Design

j)             Tables and Relationships

k)            Advanced Form Design

l)             Advanced Report Design

m)          Sharing and Collaboration

n)            The Administrator





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