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Non-Profit Management

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This course actually moved at my pace. Being on shift for 12/7, this course was very easy to complete in a timely manner. The support was outstanding, no complaints here. The material was very enlightening, great indicator that I am on the right track with organizing my own NPO.- D.S., Excelsior College

It was very convenient to participate in this course online, rather than commute at a specific time, back and forth from campus.- V.S., Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey

I thought the course was put together very well. I enjoyed, given my normal work schedule, being able to log in at any time to work on the different classes. Matter of fact, I enjoyed it so much I have registered for the Human Resource Professional course!- R.F., Louisiana State University Shreveport

I wish to thank all the facilitators of this program. I have really learned a lot these past months and I hope to use everything in my work. I will also try to teach others and encourage many to take this course. Once more thank you for being there for me.- C.M., St. Louis Community College

Am I enjoying the course? Yes, absolutely. The course is filling in some very important gaps in my understanding. I am currently the executive director of a small nonprofit organization and I haven t been terribly good at my job. This course is providing me with a much stronger sense of confidence as I approach the work. It is also correcting or completing my understanding in a number of critical areas. In the future, I expect that the information I have learned in this course will help reduce my stress load as I do the work before me and enable me to be more effective in the work that I actually do. Thank you.- G.W., George Mason University - Fairfax

I would like to thank you for the opportunity to complete this certification. It has been a rewarding experience, one that I hope to pass on to others.- M.D., Metro Technology Centers

Mt. San Antonio College
Community Education
1100 N. Grand Ave.
Walnut, CA 91789 US

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