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Records Management Certificate

$1,595.00 (USD)



I.    What is Records Management?
    A. The Role of Records Management
    B. Classifications
    C. Value
    D. Memory of a Business
    E. Life Cycle of Paper Records
    F. Common Problems

II.    Alphabetic Indexing Rules
    A. Consistency in Filing
    B. Key Unit of Names
    C. Rules of Filing

III.    Electronic File Management
    A. The Database
    B. E-commerce
    C. Life Cycle of Electronic Records

IV.    Alphabetic Records Management, Equipment, and Procedures
    A. Filing and Storage
    B. Storage Method
    C. Storage Equipment and Supplies
    D. Straight Line Tabs
    E. Choosing the Right Equipment
    F. Six Steps in the Records Management Procedure

V.    Storing, Retrieving, and Transferring Records
    A. Retention Schedule
    B. The Four Values of Records
    C. Record Cycle
    D. Common Methods of Records Transfer
    E. Software Capabilities

VI.    Subject, Numeric, and Geographic Records Management
    A. Advantages and Disadvantages
    B. Arrangement
    C. Index Types
    D. Coding
    E. Number Types
    F. Databases

VII.    Electronic and Image Records
    A. Magnetic and Optical Records
    B. Data Input Devices
    C. Copies
    D. Retention
    E. Records Safety and Security
    F. Microform
    G. RIM Software

VIII.    Records and Information Management
    A. Elements of a RIM Program
    B. Ratios
    C. Responsibilities
    D. RIM Manual
    E. Goals
    F. Disaster Recovery
    G. Knowledge Management
    H. Records Retention Schedule






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New Braunfels, TX 78130 US

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