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Multimedia Arts Certificate

The Multimedia Arts Online Training course gives you the conceptual, technical, and visual design skills required to create multimedia applications and environments. You'll explore Adobe Photoshop, and After Effects, as well as digital video editing.

$3,545.00 (USD)




  1. Photoshop Basics
    1. Photoshop Is a Verb
    2. Layers, Cloning, and Other Ways to Rule the World
    3. Layer Magic With Masks and Blending
    4. Typography in Photoshop
    5. A Brush With Brushes
    6. Filters and Retouching
  2. Intro to Motion
    1. Analyzing Moving Objects
    2. The Motion Artist's Media
    3. The Shoulders of Giants
  3. HTML and CSS Essentials
    1. An Intro to HTML
    2. CSS Color and Typography
    3. Page Layout with CSS
    4. HTML5 Semantic Elements
    5. Advanced CSS Techniques
    6. Intro to Responsive Web Design
  4. Fundamentals of Typography
    1. The Language of the Letterform
    2. Type Classification
    3. Quirky and Loving It
  5. Digital Video Production
    1. Using Your Video Camera
    2. Shooting Techniques
    3. Pre-Production
    4. Modes of Storytelling
    5. Recording Sound
    6. The Big Picture
  6. Digital Video Editing I
    1. The Role of An Editor
    2. Cinematic Storytelling
    3. The Power of Sound
    4. Time-Based Media
    5. Perception of Time
    6. Storytelling Strategies
  7. After Effects I
    1. Intro to After Effects
    2. Motion Paths and Interpolation
    3. Text and Effects
    4. Masks and Effects
    5. Blending Modes, Time Manipulation, and Painting
    6. Video, Audio, and Layers






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