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The Certified Six Sigma Yellow Belt and Green Belt (Exam Cost Included) includes: Six Sigma Yellow Belt
Certified Six Sigma Green Belt (Exam Cost Included)

Certified Six Sigma Yellow Belt and Green Belt (Exam Cost Included)

$2,999.00 (USD)
List Price: $3,190.00
Save: $191.00 (6% off)


This course series teaches you the Six Sigma process of improvement and prepares you for the first two certification levels, Yellow Belt and Green belt. The Six Sigma methodology is a data-driven approach to removing defects and improving processes in any business. Wherever you are in your career, earning your Six Sigma Yellow and Green Belt certifications will keep you ahead of the pack. These certifications verify your ability to analyze quality problems and be involved in continuous improvement projects. With each increasing level of certification comes more profound expertise and the ability to deliver lasting impacts in quality, cost containment, revenue enhancement, and customer satisfaction.

This interactive course bundle will teach you the Six Sigma Yellow Belt Body of Knowledge (BoK) and Six Sigma Green Belt BoK and fully prepare you for the first two Six Sigma certifications. You will learn from industry-specific examples, interactive activities, knowledge checks, case studies, and tests built with exam-style questions. You will be well-versed in process improvement roles and responsibilities, team building, quality tools, and Six Sigma metrics by course completion. After successfully passing both courses, you will be able to sit for ASQ's Six Sigma Yellow Belt certification exam and Certified Six Sigma Green Belt certification exam at no additional cost.







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