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Social Service Assistant

This online course is designed to give you the training and insight you'll need to work with the Social Service programs in nursing homes.

Social Service Assistant
$945.00 (USD)




  1. Unit 1
    1. History of long-term care
    2. Philosophy of person-centered care
    3. Basic knowledge of the aging process
    4. Misconceptions
    5. Physical Changes
    6. Cognitive changes: Dementia, Alzheimer's
    7. Mental Health/Illness
    8. Psychosocial needs
    9. Overview of applicable regulations
    10. The Survey Process
    11. OBRA resident rights
    12. Advocacy in self-determination
    13. Resident/family councils
  2. Unit 2
    1. Types and techniques used for the admission and discharge process
    2. Principles of documentation
    3. Basic performance skills
    4. Management of internal support staff, budgeting, supplies and outside resources
    5. Getting to know the person
    6. Person Centered Care Plan Development
    7. Evaluation of care plan effectiveness
  3. Unit 3
    1. History and Philosophy
    2. Code of Ethics of the National Association of Social Workers and other ethical issues.
    3. Role of the supervisor
    4. Admission Process
    5. Discharge
    6. Advocacy
    7. Mediation
    8. Problem solving
    9. Supportive services
    10. Assist with financial planning
    11. Assist with legal issues
    12. Professionalism
    13. Marketing
    14. Orientation
    15. Transportation and appointments
  4. Unit 4
    1. The social services assistant and the rest of the team.
    2. The social services assistant and the resident
    3. The social services assistant and the family
    4. The social services assistant and the community
    5. Social history
    6. Resident Assessment Instrument (RAI) - Social services assistants provide input, but may not complete
    7. Individualized Care Plan
    8. Progress notes
    9. Intervention notes
    10. Hospice
    11. Medicare/Medicaid
    12. SRS
    13. Adult Protective Services
    14. Prepare for additional "nuts and bolts" issues involved in working as a Social Services Assistant.





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