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The Certified Six Sigma Green Belt and Black Belt includes: Certified Six Sigma Black Belt
Certified Six Sigma Green Belt (Exam Cost Included)

Certified Six Sigma Green Belt and Black Belt

$3,495.00 (USD)
List Price: $3,890.00
Save: $395.00 (10% off)




  1. Six Sigma Green Belt
    1. Six Sigma and organizational goals
      1. Value of Six Sigma
      2. Organizational goals and six sigma projects
      3. Organizational drivers and metrics
    2. Lean principles in the organization
      1. Lean concepts
      2. Value-streaming mapping
    3. Design for six sigma (DFSS) methodologies
      1. Road maps for DFSS
      2. Basic failure mode and effects analysis (FMEA)
      3. Design FMEA and process FMEA
    4. Voice of the customer (VOC), Project identification, Project management basics
      1. Customer identification
      2. Customer data
      3. Customer requirements
      4. Project selection
      5. Process elements
      6. Benchmarking
      7. Process inputs and outputs
      8. Owners and stakeholders
      9. Project charter
      10. Project scope
      11. Project metrics
      12. Project planning tools
      13. Project documentation
      14. Project risk analysis
      15. Project closure
    5. Management and planning tools, Business results for projects
      1. Process performance
      2. Communication
    6. Team dynamics and performance
      1. Team stages and dynamics
      2. Team roles and responsibilities
      3. Team tools
      4. Team Communication
    7. Process analysis and documentation, Probability and statistics
      1. Basic probability concepts
      2. Central limit theorem
      3. Statistical distributions
    8. Collecting and summarizing data
      1. Types of data and measurement scales
      2. Sampling and data collection methods
      3. Descriptive statistics
      4. Graphical methods
    9. Measurement system analysis (MSA)
    10. Process and performance capability
      1. Process performance vs. process specifications
      2. Process capability studies
      3. Process capability (Cp, Cpk) and process performance (Pp, Ppk) indices
      4. Short-term vs. long-term capability and sigma shift
    11. Exploratory data analysis
      1. Multi-vari studies
      2. Correlation and linear regression
    12. Hypothesis testing
      1. Basics
      2. Tests for means, variances, and proportions
    13. Design of experiments (DOE)
      1. Basic terms
      2. DOE graphs and plots
    14. Root cause analysis, Lean Tools
      1. Waste elimination
      2. Cycle-time reduction
      3. Kaizen and kaizen blitz
    15. Statistical process control (SPC)
      1. SPC Basics
      2. Rational subgrouping
      3. Control charts
    16. Control plan, Lean tools for process control
      1. Total productive maintenance (TPM)
      2. Visual factory
  2. Six Sigma Black Belt
    1. Organization-Wide Planning and Deployment
      1. Fundamentals of Six Sigma and Lean
      2. Strategic Planning
    2. Organizational Process Management and Measures
      1. Roles and Responsibilities
      2. Change Management
    3. Team Management
      1. Team Dynamics
      2. Team Training
    4. Voice Customer
      1. Customer Identification
      2. Data Collection Requirements
    5. Business Case, Project Management, Analytical Tools
      1. Project Justification
      2. Project Management Tools
    6. Process Characteristics, Data Collection, Measurement Systems
      1. Sampling
      2. Metrology
    7. Basic Statistics and Probability
      1. Distributions
      2. Tests for Dispersion and Central Tendency
    8. Process Capability
      1. Cp, Cpk
      2. Pp, Ppk
    9. Relationships Between Variables and Hypothesis
      1. Correlation
      2. Linear Regression
      3. Tests for Means, Variances, Proportions
    10. Failure Mode and Effects Analysis and Additional Analysis Methods
      1. Risk Management
      2. Gap Analysis
    11. Design of Experiments
      1. One Factor
      2. Full Factorial
    12. Lean Methods
      1. Cycle Time Reduction
      2. Kaizen
    13. Control Methodologies
      1. Statistical Process Control
      2. Control Charts
    14. Design for Six Sigma Framework and Methodologies
      1. Common Methods
      2. DFX





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