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The Certified Health Unit Coordinator (Voucher Included) includes: Medical Terminology
Certified Health Unit Coordinator

Certified Health Unit Coordinator (Voucher Included)

This course is designed to prepare you to facilitate the activities of people in a health unit to work together smoothly and harmoniously in a common action, which is the delivery of health care to patients. Upon completion of this course, you will be prepared to sit for the National Association of Health Unit Coordinators (NAHUC) certification exam.

Health Unit Coordinator
$1,495.00 (USD)




  1. Medical Terminology
    1. Introduction to Medical Terminology
    2. The Musculoskeletal System
    3. The Cardiovascular System
    4. The Lymphatic and Immune Systems
    5. The Respiratory System
    6. The Digestive System
    7. The Urinary System
    8. The Nervous System
    9. The Special Senses The Eyes and Ears
    10. The Integumentary System
    11. The Endocrine System
    12. The Reproductive System
    13. Diagnostic Procedures, Nuclear Medicine, Pharmacology
  2. Certified Health Unit Coordinator
    1. Orientation to Hospitals, Medical Centers, and Health Care
      1. Introduction to Health Unit Coordinating
      2. Overview of Healthcare Today
      3. The Nursing Department and Medical Staff
      4. Communication Devices and Their Uses
    2. Personal and Professional Skills
      1. Communication and Interpersonal Skills
      2. Workplace Behavior
      3. Managing Techniques
    3. The Patient's Electronic Record or Chart
      1. The Patient's Chart or Electronic Medical Record
      2. Processing of Electronic, Preprinted, and Handwritten Doctors' Orders
      3. Patient activity, Patient Positioning, and Nursing Observation Orders
      4. Nursing Intervention or Treatment Orders
      5. Nutritional Care Orders
      6. Medication Orders
      7. Laboratory Orders
      8. Diagnostic Imaging Orders
      9. Other Diagnostic Studies
      10. Treatment Orders
      11. Miscellaneous Orders
    4. Health Unit Coordinator Procedures
      1. Admission, Preoperative, and Postoperative Procedures
      2. Discharge, Transfer, and Postmortem Procedures
      3. Reports, Infection Control, Emergencies, and Special Services
    5. Introduction to Anatomical Structures, Medical Terms, and Illnesses
      1. Medical Terminology, Basic Human Structure, Diseases, and Disorders





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