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120-Hour TEFL Certification

Learn how to teach English as a foreign language and earn your TEFL Certificate.

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Alex has 22 years' experience in TEFL. After gaining my CELTA in Madrid after university (BA Business and Law), he taught in Barcelona for 6 years before returning to the UK. He has worked in various TEFL specialisms over the years, from general English in traditional language schools, to exam preparation, private lessons, online teaching, Business English, young learners, and TEFL publishing, in positions ranging from EFL teacher to DOS. He has been involved in EFL teacher training for the last 10 years, involving face to face and online tutoring as well as writing course materials, and most recently completed a course to become a Linguaskill speaking examiner.

Alex has worked for Tefl.org since very shortly after it began in 2008. He started as a classroom tutor doing the face-to-face 20 and 30-hour courses and has been an online tutor too for around 8 years now. He has also been directly involved in writing online course materials for an accredited TEFL training organization.


Thomas is currently the Online & Academic Manager at TEFL Org, where he has worked since 2008.

He has been teaching English for 32 years, and a teacher trainer for 25 years. He has taught in France & Portugal, but most of his teaching has been in Madrid, Spain, where he has been living now for 30 years.

He has taught from general English in traditional language schools, to exam preparation, private lessons, online teaching, Business English, young learners in positions ranging from EFL teacher to Director of Studies. He was also a Cambridge examiner at the British Council for several years. His experience as an online teacher trainer started in 2000.

Over the years, Thomas has also written teaching materials for online and face to face learning. His qualifications include a TEFL certificate, Trinity Diploma in Teaching English as a second/another language, and a master's degree in Education Leadership & Management.


Denise has been involved in the TEFL world for almost 40 years. She started teaching English locally when she was a young adult to new immigrants. She went to university as a mature student at the ripe old age of 24, where she graduated with a BA (Hons).

In 1992, she completed her CELTA teacher training. In the wake of the Barcelona Olympics, she moved to Spain, where she worked as an English teacher, head of studies, and a school director before opening her language school. Throughout her time in Spain, she was involved in teacher training and professional development courses, as well as communication skills training for high-level business executives in English.

Denise also worked as a coursebook writer and editor for an EFL publishing company. She started writing and working with blended learning courses when they were in their infancy, which led to the advent of 100% online learning in the early 2000s.

She is also an Internal Quality Assessor and has written several TEFL training courses over the last 20 years.


Asif started academic and professional life in the law; however, he often found himself in situations where he was having to decipher, learn, analyze, or teach aspects of language. As this took-up more and more of his time, the decision to make language his full-time occupation did not take long to make, and he became and remains a secondary-school teacher, the classroom being his favorite place.

Knowing what he does needs a firm understanding of language, to which he credits his academic grounding in applied linguistics and many years in the classroom. Academically, his primary research interest lies in language testing, a field in which he has supervised several research candidates, some at the doctoral level. This affords him an in-depth understanding of the thinking behind the syllabuses and exams you will come across in different parts of the world. It allows him to take a step back and fit exams and the like into a fit-for-purpose context.

He has worked for an accredited TEFL training organization for 10 years as a classroom and online tutor. His qualifications include a master's degree in Applied Linguistics and a master's degree in TESOL. He may be preparing executives for a press conference one weekend; He may be teaching basic English to refugees another, delivering teacher-training courses the weekend after, and marking online assessments too.


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