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Procurement & Purchasing Management

$2,295.00 (USD)




  1. Purchasing Management
    1. Essentials of Purchasing
    2. Budgeting Essentials
    3. The Procurement Process
    4. Supplier Contracting
    5. Price and Cost Analysis
    6. Management Essentials
    7. Negotiation Strategies
    8. Persuasive Communication
    9. Legal Aspects of Contracts
  2. Essentials of Purchasing
    1. Purchasing function in the organization
    2. Interdependencies the purchasing function has within the organization
    3. The impact the purchasing function has on the financial statements
    4. Organization and administration aspects of purchasing
    5. Global sourcing in purchasing
    6. Regulatory agencies
  3. Budgeting Essentials
    1. Concept of budgeting
    2. Activity-based budgeting
    3. Factors that impact budgeting
    4. Production Planning
    5. How inventory impacts the budgeting process
  4. Procurement Process
    1. Elements of supplier selection process
    2. The supplier evaluation process
    3. The bidding process
    4. The procurement process
  5. Supplier Contracting
    1. General Contract Principles
    2. Contract drafting
    3. Types of contracts used in purchasing
    4. Agency law determines who has the authority act on behalf of the organization
  6. Price and Cost Analysis
    1. Price evaluation
    2. Use of data
    3. Strategic cost analysis
    4. Maximizing the timing of cash-in and cash-out for your organization
    5. Using outsourcing in your organization
  7. Management Essentials
    1. The culture of an organization
    2. Organizational change and resistance to change
    3. Power and influence leaders use
    4. Leadership theories
    5. Strategies and Strategic thinking
    6. Decision-Making
    7. Managing quality with "best practices"
    8. Human Resource procedures and policies
    9. Financial accountability
  8. Negotiation Strategies
    1. Steps in Negotiating
    2. Tools used in the negotiation process
    3. Types of negotiations
    4. Personality types in negotiations
    5. Preparing for negotiations
    6. Determining your BATNA in negotiations
  9. Persuasive Communication
    1. Fundamentals of communication
    2. The importance of knowing the audience in persuasive communication
    3. The power of listening
    4. Credibility of the speaker is key in persuasion
    5. Evidence in persuasion
    6. Emotion in persuasion
    7. Organizing the argument
    8. Defining of strategic management in operations
    9. Mindset of strategic thinking
    10. Strategic planning models
    11. Questions to ask when creating strategic alternatives
    12. Criteria for implementation
  10. Legal Aspects of Contracts
    1. Introduction
    2. What is a Contract?
    3. Elements of a Contract
    4. Duties and Obligations
    5. What is the Deal?
    6. Legal Representation
    7. Good Faith and Conclusion





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