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The Certified Clinical Medical Assistant (CCMA) (Voucher Included) includes: Medical Terminology
Certified Clinical Medical Assistant (CCMA)

Certified Clinical Medical Assistant (CCMA) (Voucher Included)

You will learn the professional traits and responsibilities to become a vital part of the healthcare team in a medical office, clinic, hospital, and other healthcare settings. You will also be prepared for the Certified Clinical Medical Assistant (CCMA) exam.

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  1. Medical Terminology
    1. Introduction to Medical Terminology
    2. The Musculoskeletal System
    3. The Cardiovascular System
    4. The Lymphatic and Immune Systems
    5. The Respiratory System
    6. The Digestive System
    7. The Urinary System
    8. The Nervous System
    9. The Special Senses The Eyes and Ears
    10. The Integumentary System
    11. The Endocrine System
    12. The Reproductive System
    13. Diagnostic Procedures, Nuclear Medicine, Pharmacology
  2. Certified Clinical Medical Assistant
    1. Medical Assisting Foundations
    2. Professional Behavior
    3. Legal and Ethical Issues
    4. The Art of Communicating
    5. Telecommunications, Telephone Professionalism, and Telephone Techniques
    6. Written Communications
    7. Medical Office Environment
    8. Patient Scheduling
    9. Managing Medical Records
    10. Introduction to Health Insurance
    11. Medical Coding: An Overview
    12. Patient Accounts
    13. Insurance Claims, Patient Billing, and Collections
    14. Daily Financial Practices
    15. Managing the Office
    16. Pharmacology
    17. Pathophysiology
    18. Infection Control and Medical Asepsis
    19. The Chief Complaint and Patient History
    20. Body Measurements and Vital Signs
    21. Preparing for Examinations
    22. The Complete Physical Examination (CPE)
    23. Specialty Examinations and Procedures
    24. The Physician's Office Laboratory (POL)
    25. Specimen Collection and Processing
    26. Introduction to Phlebotomy
    27. Diagnostic Testing
    28. Minor Office Surgeries
    29. Medication Dosage Calculations
    30. Administering Medications
    31. Emergencies in the Medical Office
    32. First Aid Procedures and Mental Health Issues
    33. Rehabilitation
    34. Nutrition and Special Diets
    35. Certification
    36. Preparing for Your Career





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