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HVACR Controls/Building Automation Systems

This online course will build on your existing knowledge of HVACR fundamentals and equipment and help you learn HVACR Controls and Building Automation Systems.

$3,695.00 (USD)




  1. 153 HVACR Control Systems Fundamentals
    1. HVAC Fundamentals
    2. Commercial Building Heating Systems
    3. Commercial Building Cooling Systems
    4. IAQ and Commercial Air Handling Units
    5. HVAC System Energy Sources
    6. Control Principles
  2. 154 HVACR Control System Types and BAS Basics
    1. Control Systems
    2. Electrical Control Systems
    3. Electronic Control Systems
    4. Building Automation Systems and Controllers
    5. Operator Interfaces
    6. Building Automation System Inputs and Outputs
  3. 155 HVACR BAS Installation and Strategies
    1. Building Automation System Installation, Wiring, and Testing
    2. Computer Networks and Web Based Control
    3. Direct Digital Control Strategies
    4. Supervisory Control Strategies
    5. Building Automation Retrofit of Existing Systems
  4. 156 HVACR BAS System Management and Advanced Technologies
    1. Building System Management
    2. Energy Audits and Utility Structures
    3. Building Automation System Troubleshooting
    4. Building Automation System Interoperability-Advanced Technologies
    5. Building Commissioning
  5. 157 Troubleshooting DDC Systems & Components Course
    1. Troubleshooting Tools & Safety; Overview of 'Typical' DDC System Today
    2. Input Troubleshooting with Multiple, Typical Field Scenarios
    3. Output Troubleshooting with Multiple, Typical Field Scenarios
    4. Field Controller Level Troubleshooting Part 1
    5. Field Controller Level Troubleshooting Part 2 with Multiple, Typical Field Scenarios
    6. Basic Web-Based Control Systems Troubleshooting Part 1
    7. Web-Based Control Systems Troubleshooting Part 2 with Multiple, Typical, Field Scenarios





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