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Administrative Dental Assistant

Learn how to perform the administrative tasks essential for managing the business aspects of a dental practice.

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I enjoyed that is was a self paced course. That is great for someone like me, who has a job, children, and a home to manage- T.M., Columbus State University

“My facilitator was extremely helpful. I learned a lot and it was a whole lot more fun than I expected it to be.”- A.K., Cal State San Marcos

The facilitator was excellent! She was very helpful and always responded with feedback, answers, and grades in a very timely manner. Overall Administrative Dental Assisting was well put together and very well constructed.- B.N., The Business Resource Center at Lake-Sumter Community College

It course was easy to access. I really enjoyed it, especially having it as my first online class. I thought it was going to be hard, but it wasn't. I would take another online class, because everything was good.- B.J., Lawson State Community College - Bessemer

The positive and constructive feedback was amazing.- I.A., Austin Community College, Corporate Training Solutions

The best thing about the class was learning more about the dental assistant in addition to doing hands-on activities at the dentist office.- S.J., Lawson State Community College

I enjoyed being able to access my school work online and do my work when I had the time. My facilitator helped me a lot throughout my course and always responded to my questions in a VERY timely manner. Without her patience and expertise, I would not have been able to complete my program on time. I have a new understanding of the Dental Administrative Assistant skills.- J.B., Yuba College

My facilitator responded very quickly to my questions (which I am sure seemed endless, at times!). She was patient and thorough with her answers and gave very clear answers and explanations. Her advice and encouragement was invaluable! I loved learning with this course! The essays were challenging and there was much more information than I was expecting. (I really didn't know what to expect!) The ed2go counselor was also supportive--asking how things were going and how she could help--great!!- S.R., Northwest Iowa Community College

I really enjoyed it all! It made going back to school much easier with 2 toddlers. The whole experience was wonderful. The instructor was available for help and was very helpful; she didn’t just throw you a comment and go, but she took time to explain what I needed to fix.- L.C., Lawson State Community College - Bessemer

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