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Cisco CCNP Collaboration: CLCOR & CLICA

This course is intended for network security engineers and those looking to attain their CCNP Security certification.

$3,295.00 (USD)




  1. Overview of Infrastructure and Design
    1. Traditional Voice Versus Unified Voice
  2. Overview of Cisco Collaborations
    1. Overview of Cisco Collaborations Architecture
    2. Understanding Cisco IP Phones
    3. Voice Port Codec and DSP
    4. Introduction to Cisco Unified CM Deployment Model
    5. Overview of Installation & Hardware Platform
    6. Getting Started with GUI and Initial Configuration
    7. Overview and Configuration of SSL Certificate for Collaboration
    8. Deployment of SIP and SCCP Endpoint
    9. Deployment of Cisco Collaboration Features
  3. Voice Gateways & Trunks
    1. Deployment & Configurations of H323 Gateways and Trunks
    2. Deployment & Configurations of MGCP Gateway
    3. Deployment & Configurations of Call Routing
  4. Understanding & Configuring Call Routing
    1. Understanding Call Routing Digit Analysis and Calling Privileges
    2. Configure Globalized Call Routing in Cisco Unified CM
    3. Describe Mobile and Remote Access
  5. Cisco Unity Connection
    1. Overview and Configure these in Cisco Unity Connection
    2. Understanding Features in Cisco Unity Connection
  6. Describe Cisco Unified IM & P Protocols and Deployment
    1. Deploy Cisco Jabber on Premises
  7. Describe Problems That Can Lead to Poor Voice and Video Quality
  8. Troubleshooting Cisco Collaboration
    1. Troubleshooting Cisco Unity Connection Integration
  9. Single Sign-On (SSO) for Collaboration Applications
    1. Introduction to Single Sign-On
    2. Types of SSO
    3. Configuring SSO
    4. Introduction to SAML SSO
  10. Configuring Cisco Unified IM and Presence
    1. Introduction to Cisco Unity Connection
    2. Introduction to CUC multicluster operation
    3. Configuring on-prem Cisco Unified Instant Message and Presence
    4. Troubleshooting on prem Cisco Unified Instant Message and Presence
  11. Configuring Cisco Unity Connection and Cisco Unity Express
    1. Configuring call operation and rules in Cisco Unity Connection
    2. Troubleshoot Cisco Unity Connection
    3. Implementing toll fraud prevention
    4. Configuring Cisco Unity Express integration to Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express
  12. Application Clients
    1. Introduction to Cisco Unified Attendant Console
    2. Configuring service discovery
    3. Configuring Jabber client installation switches
    4. Troubleshooting Cisco Jabber





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