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Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA): SQL Server 2012

$1,995.00 (USD)



Querying Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Intro

I.    T-SQL and Stored Procedures
    A. Install SQL Management Studio and Database
    B. T-SQL Overview
    C. T-SQL Queries
    D. Create Stored Procedures
    E. Querying SQL Server 2012

II.    Select, Data Types, Subqueries, Data Sets, and Aggregates
    A. Query Data Using Select
    B. Implement Data Types
    C. Functions
    D. Filter and Sort Data
    E. Implement Subqueries
    F. Combine Datasets
    G. Joins
    H. Subqueries
    I. Set Operators
    J. Implementing Aggregates

III.    XML Data, Tables and Views
    A. Using XML and T-SQL
    B. Create Tables
    C. Alter Tables
    D. Table Constraints
    E. Alter Views with T-SQL
    F. Design Views

IV.    Modify Data, Stored Procedures, Triggers and Functions
    A. Create, Modify and Alter Data
    D. Merging
    E. Implement Error Handling
    F. Transactions
    G. Create Stored and Procedures
    H. Alter Stored Procedures
    I. Work and Functions
    J. Triggers

V.    Optimization
    A. Optimize Queries
    B. Indexes
    C. Statistics
    D. Row-Based vs. Set-Based Operations
    E. Advanced Optimization and Full-Text
    F. Install Server 2008
    G. Configure a VM Environment
    H. Explore Advanced Optimization
    I. Full-Text

Administering Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Databases

I.    Install and Configure SQL Server 2012
    A. Plan Installation
    B. Install SQL and Its Services
    C. Migrate Data
    D. Configure SQL Components
    E. Manage SQL Agent

II.    Maintain Instances and Databases
    A. Manage and Configure Databases
    B. Configure SQL Server Instances
    C. Implement a SQL Server Clustered Instance
    D. Manage SQL Server Instances

III.    Optimize and Troubleshoot
    A. Identify and Resolve Concurrency Problems
    B. Collect and Analyze Troubleshooting Data
    C. Audit SQL Server Instances

IV.    Manage Data
    A. Configure and Maintain a Backup Strategy
    B. Restore Databases
    C. Implement and Maintain Indexes
    D. Import and Export Data

V.    Implement Security
    A. Manage Logins and Server Roles
    B. Manage Database Permissions
    C. Manage Users and Database Roles
    D. Troubleshoot Security

VI.    Implement High Availability
    A. Implement AlwaysOn
    B. Implement Database Mirroring

Implementing a Data Warehouse with Microsoft SQL Server 2012

I.    Dimensions and Fact Tables
    A. Install Server 2008 R2
    B. Install SQL Server Enterprise
    C. Design and Implement Dimensions
    D. Design and Implement Fact Tables
    E. Star and Snowflake
    F. Containers and Tasks
    G. Conforming and Non-Conforming Dimensions
    H. Time Dimensions
    I. SSIS / Connection Managers
    J. Design Control Flow
    K. Face and Dimension Granularity
    L. Precedence Constraints

II.    Data Flow, Variables and Parameters, Package Logic
    A. Designing Data Flow
    B. Implementing Data Flow
    C. Data Sources and Destinations
    D. Splitting the Flow
    E. Variables and Parameters
    F. Package Logic
    G. Data Loading Options
    H. Change Data Capture
    I. Change Tracking
    J. Error Rows
    K. Checkpoints and Transactions
    L. Event Handlers

III.    Logging and SSIS
    A. Logging
    B. Auditing
    C. SSIS Solutions
    D. Deployment
    E. Managing SSIS Package Execution
    F. SSIS Security

IV.    Troubleshooting, Debugging and Data Quality
    A. Troubleshooting
    B. Debugging
    C. Installing and Maintaining Data Quality Service
    D. Implementing Data Quality Services
    E. Use the Data Profiling Task

V.    Scripting and Master Data Services
    A. Implement Script Tasks
    B. Implement Script Components
    C. Implement Master Data Services
    D. Master Data Security
    E. MSDS Add-Ins for Excel

VI.    Fuzzy Transformations
    A. Fuzzy Transformations
    B. Identity Mapping and De-Duplicating





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