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Professional Interpreter

$995.00 (USD)


Are you hoping to use your bilingual skills to start a new career or supplement your income? This program will enable you to develop the skills necessary to use your knowledge of languages to help other people communicate.

You'll start by gaining a clear understanding of what interpreting is; the different interpreting techniques, settings, and delivery modes; and the differences between a career in public services interpreting and other language-related fields.

Next, you'll work toward acquiring the skills you need to start interpreting. You will:

  • Become an effective communicator.
  • Master listening skills.
  • Learn how to transfer information in multicultural situations.
  • Develop interpreting-specific skills such as short-term memory retention, shadowing, note-taking, sight-translation, consecutive interpreting, and more.

You will also receive a thorough grounding in the principles of ethics and professional conduct as they apply to the interpreting field.  In addition, you'll learn how to control the communication flow of an interpreting encounter to ensure that all parties are recognized and heard during the meeting. 

With this solid foundation, the program prepares you for the real world by providing you with practical information to help you gain employment confidently as a public services interpreter. You will also have the option to be listed for free in an employer-searchable directory to jump-start your new career.

Once you complete the program, you'll be prepared to embark upon an exciting and rewarding career. As a professional interpreter, you'll often work with immigrants in vulnerable situations, becoming their only communication bridge. You can expect to assist families as they apply for food stamps and Medicaid, help residents set up utility services in a new home, and assist refugees as they complete their applications. You'll find your assignments vary from day to day—sometimes even from hour to hour—and opportunities abound!

Upon registering, you are given six months to complete this program.






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