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Salesforce Administrator

Salesforce Administrator
$595.00 (USD)



I.                     Salesforce Overview

A.      Introduction to Salesforce

B.      Salesforce Overview

C.      Introduction to Salesforce

D.      Salesforce Editions

E.       Home Page Customization

F.       User Management

G.      Creating and Customizing Tabs

H.      Creating an App

I.         Uploading a Company Logo

J.        Company Information Page

K.       System Overview Page

L.       Updating the Fiscal Year

II.                   Sales Cloud

A.      Sales Cloud 

B.      Creating List Views

C.      Creating and Converting Leads

D.      Creating Accounts

E.       Creating Contacts

F.       Creating Email Templates

G.      Sending Individual Emails

H.      Sending Mass Emails

I.         Creating and Managing Price Books

J.        Creating Products

K.       Creating Opportunities

L.       Creating Activities

M.    Creating a Web-to-Lead Form

N.      Creating a Lead Assignment Rule

O.      Creating a Lead Queue

P.       Creating an Auto-Response Rule

Q.     Creating Campaigns

R.      Record Types

III.                 Quotes Templates

A.      Introduction to Quote Templates

B.      Quote Templates

C.      Creating a Quote Record

D.      Creating a Quote Template

E.       Generating a Quote PDF

F.       Emailing a Quote PDF

G.      Modifying Quote Templates

IV.                Service Cloud

A.      Introduction to Service Cloud

B.      Service Cloud 

C.      Creating Cases 

D.      Creating Case Assignment Rules

E.       Creating Case Escalation Rules

F.       Enabling Solutions 

G.      Creating Solutions 

H.      Attaching Solutions to Cases

I.         Enabling Knowledge

J.        Configuring Knowledge

K.       Creating a Web-to-Case Form

L.       Creating an Email-to-Case Address

V.                  App Exchange

A.      Introduction to AppExchange

B.      AppExchange 

C.      AppExchange Overview

D.      Finding and Selecting an App

E.       Finding a Developer

F.       Finding a Consultant

VI.                Reports

A.      Introduction to Reports

B.      Reports

C.      Understanding Report Formats

D.      Creating a Leads Report

E.       Creating Contacts and Accounts Report

F.       Creating an Opportunity Report

G.      Adding Leads to a Campaign from a Report

H.      Creating a Report Chart

I.         Scheduling Reports

J.        Creating a Campaign Report

K.       Summarizing Report Data

L.       Creating a Report Formula

M.    Exporting Reports to Excel

VII.               Dashboards

A.      Introduction to Dashboards

B.      Dashboards

C.      Understanding Dashboard Components

D.      Creating a Dashboard

E.       Refreshing a Dashboard

F.       Modifying Columns on Dashboards

G.      Adding Filter to Dashboard

H.      Managing Access to Reports

I.         Adding a Report as a Dashboard Component

J.        Setting Up Dynamic Dashboards

K.       Enabling Dashboards for iPad

L.       Modifying Report and Dashboard Interfaces

M.    Activating the Report Builder on Profile

VIII.             Chatter

A.      Introduction to Chatter

B.      Chatter

C.      Chatter Overview

D.      Enabling Chatter

E.       Enabling Chatter Feeds on Records

F.       Configuring Chatter Groups

G.      Creating Customer Groups

H.      Creating a Free Customer Chatter User

I.         Customizing Chatter Email Notifications

J.        Configuring Salesforce to Salesforce

K.       Accepting a Salesforce Connection

L.       Sharing an Account via Salesforce to Salesforce

M.    Enabling Ideas

N.      Configuring Ideas Themes

O.      Enabling Social Accounts

P.       Enabling Libraries and Content

Q.     Customizing Libraries and Content

R.      Uploading Documents to Libraries and Content

S.       Configuring Salesforce

IX.                 Role Hierarchy

A.      Introduction to Role Hierarchy

B.      Role Hierarchy

C.      Viewing Role Hierarchy

D.      Creating Roles

E.       Enabling Field History

F.       Creating Groups

G.      Creating Permission Sets

H.      Assigning Roles to Users

X.                   Security Control

A.      Introduction to Security Control

B.      Security Control

C.      Viewing Object Security

D.      Changing Default Record Access

E.       Sharing Settings 

F.       Field Accessibility

G.      Password Policies

H.      Session Settings

I.         Login Flows

J.        Network Access

K.       Activations

L.       Session Management

M.    Login Access Policies

N.      Certificate and Key Management

O.      Viewing Setup Audit Trail

P.       Executing Expire All Passwords

Q.     Delegated Administration

R.      Remote Site Settings

S.       Named Credentials

T.       File Upload and Download Security

XI.                 Profiles

A.      Introduction to Profiles

B.      Profiles

C.      Standard Profiles Overview

D.      Assigning Page Layouts

E.       Field-Level Security

F.       Custom App Settings and Access

G.      Tab Settings

H.      Record Type Settings

I.         Administrative Permissions

J.        General User Permissions

K.       Standard Object Permissions

L.       Custom Object Permissions

M.    Password Policies and Session Timeout

N.      Login Hours and IP Ranges

O.      Enabling Apex and Visualforce Access

XII.               Data Management

A.      Introduction to Data Management

B.      Data Management

C.      Importing Leads

D.      Importing Contacts and Accounts

E.       Using Mass Delete

F.       Installing Data Loader

G.      Importing Records with Data Loader

H.      Updating Records with Data Loader

I.         Deleting Records with Data Loader

J.        Exporting Records with Data Loader

K.       Adding a Field in the Schema Builder

L.       Scheduling a Data Export

M.    Creating and Using Sandbox

N.      Mass Transferring Records

O.      Reporting Snapshots

P.       Working with Tags

XIII.             Workflow Rules

A.      Introduction to Workflow Rules

B.      Workflow Rules

C.      Creating a Workflow Rule

D.      Creating a Workflow Rule Field Update

E.       Creating a Workflow Rule Task Assignment

F.       Creating a Workflow Rule Email Alert

XIV.             Change Sets and Deployment

A.      Introduction to Change Sets and Deployment

B.      Change Sets and Deployment

C.      Outbound Change Sets

D.      Inbound Change Sets

E.       Deployment Settings

F.       Deployment Status

G.      Eclipse IDE

XV.              Communities

A.      Introduction to Communities

B.      Communities

C.      Creating a New Community

D.      Topic Management

E.       Recommendations Management

F.       Reputation Management

G.      Adding Members

H.      Managing Tabs and Branding

I.         Login and Registration

J.        Community Preferences

XVI.             Help and Training

A.      Introduction to Help and Training

B.      Help and Training

C.      Using Answers

D.      Using Ideas

E.       Searching for a Help Topic

F.       Contacting Support

G.      Trust Site





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