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CompTIA™ Cloud+ Certification Training

$1,495.00 (USD)




  1. Cloud Concepts and Models
    1. Contrasting Cloud Services
    2. Contrasting Cloud Delivery Models
    3. Cloud Characteristics and Terms
    4. Object Storage Concepts
  2. Virtualization
    1. Differences in Hypervisor Roles
    2. Install, Configure, and Manage Virtual Machines and Devices
    3. Virtual Resource Migration
    4. Benefits of Virtualization in a Cloud Environment
    5. Virtual Components Used to Construct Cloud Environments
  3. Infrastructure
    1. Storage Technologies
    2. Storage Configuration Concepts
    3. Storage Provisioning
    4. Network Configuration
    5. Network Optimization
    6. Troubleshooting Basic Network Connectivity Issues
    7. Common Network Protocols, Ports, and Topologies
    8. Hardware Resources and Features Used to Enable Virtual Environments
  4. Resource Management
    1. Resource Monitoring Techniques
    2. Best Practice for Appropriate Allocation of Physical Host Resources
    3. Best Practice for Appropriate Allocation of Virtual Guest Resources
    4. Appropriate Remote Access Tools
  5. Security
    1. Network Security Concepts, Tools and Best Practices
    2. Storage Security Concepts, Tools and Best Practices
    3. Encryption Technologies and Methods
    4. Identifying Access Control Methods
    5. Implementing Guest and Host Hardening Techniques
  6. Systems Management
    1. Policies and Procedures in a Cloud Environment
    2. Diagnose Remediate, and Optimize Physical Host Performance
    3. Host and Guest Performance Concepts
    4. Implement Appropriate Testing Techniques when Deploying Cloud Services
  7. Business Continuity in the Cloud
    1. Disaster Recovery Methods and Concepts
    2. Deploying Solutions to Meet Availability Requirements





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