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Professional Recovery Coach

Professional Recovery Coach
$1,695.00 (USD)




  1. Neuroscience of Joyful Recovery
    1. Introduction to Brain, Addiction, Recovery & Joy
    2. Addiction, The Brain, T-Rex & Recovery
    3. Discovering My Brain's Emotional and Relational Control
    4. Understanding the 4-Level Control Center
    5. How does the Control Center Learn?
    6. Understanding Capacity and Shalom
    7. Relational Circuit Failure, Cravings and BEEPS (Relapse Triggers)
    8. The Story of Low Joy Airlines
    9. Joy Buckets, Recovery Support and Assessments
    10. Quieting My Breath and Body
    11. Learning to Recognize and Describe Appreciation Moments
    12. Monitoring and Restoring Relational Circuits
  2. Professional Recovery Coach Competencies Part 1
    1. Recovery Coaching Overview
    2. Strengths-Based Recovery Coaching
    3. Whole Life Recovery, Five Life Elements and Recovery Capital
    4. What Coaching is and is not, Recovery Coach Traits
    5. Coach Skills and Competencies
    6. Establishing the Coaching Relationship
    7. Recovery Coach Competencies
    8. Motivation to Change
    9. Establishing Trust
    10. Stages of Change, Change Talk & Elicit Change Questions
    11. Motivational Interviewing
    12. Solution focused questions
    13. Development of Motivational Interviewing
    14. Foundational Processes and what matters in M.I.
    15. Quantum Change
    16. Types of Change, values before and after change
    17. How Q.C. and M.I. flow together
  3. Professional Recovery Coach Competencies Part 2
    1. Right Thinking in Recovery
    2. Cognitive Restructuring, Cognitive Distortions, Negative Mindsets
    3. Self-Talk Analysis, consequences and logic
    4. Anger Management: principles, triggers, internal & external obstacles
    5. Boundaries and Relapse
    6. Coaching teens and their families
    7. Enabling, Acceptance and Reclaiming Power
    8. Setting Boundaries
    9. Communication, Fear and Enmeshment
    10. Common Relapse Triggers
    11. Relapse Prevention Plans
    12. Coaching Families and Legal Issues
    13. Transcultural Awareness and Personal Bias
    14. Establishing Cultural Relationships
    15. First Sessions
    16. Orientation and First Session, Defining the Relationship
    17. Questions that Identify Problems and Reveal Answers





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