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ACSM Personal Training

Prepare for the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) certification exam with this online course.

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  1. Initial Client Consultation and Assessment
    1. Provide documents and clear instructions to the client in preparation for the initial interview
    2. Interview the client to gather and provide pertinent information prior to fitness testing and course design.
    3. Review and analyze client data to identify risk, formulate a plan of action, and conduct physical assessments.
  2. Exercise Programming and Implementation
    1. Review the client's goals, medical history, and assessment results and determine exercise prescription.
    2. Select exercise modalities to achieve the desired adaptations based on the client's goals, medical history, and assessment results.
    3. Determine initial Frequency, Intensity, Time, Type, Volume and Progression (i.e., FITT-VP Principle) of exercise based on the client's goals, medical history, and assessment results.
  3. Exercise Leadership and Client Education
    1. Optimize participant adherence by using effective communication, motivational techniques, and behavioral strategies.
    2. Educate clients using scientifically sound resources.
  4. Legal and Professional Responsibilities
    1. Collaborate with health care professionals and organizations to create a network of providers who can assist in maximizing the benefits and minimizing the risk of an exercise program.
    2. Develop a comprehensive risk management program (including an emergency action plan and injury prevention program) consistent with industry standards of care.
    3. Adhere to ACSM Certification's Code of Ethics by practicing in a professional manner within the scope of practice of an ACSM Certified Personal Trainer.





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