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Restaurant Management

Restaurant Management covers the practical components for successfully overseeing a restaurant or realizing a restaurant concept.

Restaurant Management
$995.00 (USD)



What you will learn

  • How to plan a successful menu and effectively manage the food and beverage production and service for that menu.
  • How to manage human resources, legal requirements and basic accounting practices to ensure the smooth operation of the restaurant.
  • How to implement a sales and marketing strategy to ensure a successful restaurant.
  • How to select an optimal location for a restaurant.
  • How to plan and implement restaurant fit-outs.

How you will benefit

  • Restaurant Management will give you a wide spectrum of basic training to work in or manage restaurants, bars, fast-food outlets, café or any other food and beverage establishment.
  • Suitable for anyone wanting to learn Restaurant Management without committing to years of study.
  • This course is perfect to complement those undertaking or wanting to undertake some form of work experience or paid work within the food and beverage service industry.






University of Dubai
Center for Executive Development
Academic City
Dubai, ARE AE

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