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CCBA Certification Training

CCBA Certification Training
$549.00 (USD)



I.   Introduction to CCBA certification

A.  What IIBA is

B.  Benefits of IIBA Professional Certification

C.  Eligibility for CCBA certification

D.  The exam application Process

E.   The exam outline

F.   CCBA exam blueprint

G.  Recertification

II.   Introduction to BABOK V3

A.  What is business analysis?

B.  What does a business analyst do?

C.  Business Analysis Core Concept Model the Knowledge Areas defined in BABOK Version 3

D.  What are the underlying competencies of a business analyst?

E.   The techniques and perspectives in business analysis

III.  Business Analysis Planning and Monitoring

A.  How to plan Business Analysis Approach

B.  How to plan Stakeholder Engagement

C.  How to plan Business Analysis Information Management and Governance

D.  How to identify Business Analysis Performance Improvements

E.   Understand tools and techniques used in Business Analysis Planning and Monitoring

IV.   Elicitation and Collaboration

A.  Prepare and conduct an elicitation

B.  Confirm the results of elicitation

C.  Communicate the business analysis information

D.  Manage stakeholder collaboration

V.    Requirements Life Cycle Management

A.  Trace requirements

B.  Maintain requirements

C.  Prioritize requirements

D.  Assess changes to the requirements

E.   Approve the requirements

VI.   Strategy Analysis

A.  Analyze the Current State

B.  Define the Future State

C.  Assess Risks

D.  Define the Change Strategy

VII.  Requirements Analysis and Design Definition

A.  Specify and Model Requirements

B.  Verify Requirements

C.  Validate Requirements

D.  Define Requirements Architecture

E.   Define Design Options

F.   Analyze Potential Value and Recommend Solution

VIII.  Solution Evaluation

A.  Measure Solution Performance

B.  Analyze Performance Measures

C.  Assess the limitations of the solution

D.  Assess the limitations of an enterprise

E.   Recommend Actions to Increase Solution Value





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