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Christian Bradley has been involved with PC, console, and online game development for the last twelve years as an environment artist and texture artist. He's worked on over 35 commercial video game titles for various formats, including PC, PS2, XBOX, and GBA. Before developing a freelance business of his own over seven years ago, Christian worked in-house at Interplay, The Dreamers Guild Studios, and The Collective Studios. While in-house or contracting, he worked on game titles such as: "Of Light and Darkness," "Deep Space Nine," "The Fallen," "Unreal Tournament 2004," "Unreal 2: The Awakening," and "Battle Engine Aquila". Some of his clients include: Activision, Interplay, Digital Extremes, Legend Entertainment, Codemasters, and Totally Games.

Since 2003, Christian has worked as an instructor and academic director of game art and design at the Art Institute of California, San Diego. Christian currently lives in Southern California with his wife, Angela, son, Andrew, and a very charismatic box turtle.

Todd Gantzler is a writer, educator, and game artist. Todd worked as a 3D artist on such games such as Gex 3DCyberia, and Akuji the Heartless, work that included 3D models and textures, tiling textures, character animation and game design. Todd has taught and developed curricula for game development programs at various schools in San Francisco, England, and New Zealand. He has been designing and teaching game art and design classes since 2000. Todd's first book, Game Development Essentials: Video Game Art, was published by Thomson Delmar Learning in July 2004. Todd began his career in graphics and animation for TV and film; his film credits include The Pagemaster (1994).


University of New Mexico, Continuing Education Division
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