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Advanced Personal Fitness Trainer

$2,995.00 (USD)




This interactive, comprehensive Advanced Personal Fitness Trainer Online Certificate Program will help you further your personal training education. Each module in the program is designed to teach you the knowledge and skills to implement a unique, medically based fitness plan for your clients. You'll learn how to apply your client's health history, goals, and abilities into a systematic model that will allow each client to progress through different training levels and phases. You'll also have the unique opportunity to participate in an on-site, practical experience in personal training through an optional six-week, 60-hour field internship.

This certificate program includes:

  • Advanced education in exercise prescription and nutritional programming
  • Study of the exercise sciences, kinesiology, and biomechanics
  • A medically-based fitness model to use with your clients
  • Business administration and management systems information
  • Training in conducting health and fitness testing
  • Information about the ACSM training process
  • Analysis of exercise movements and performance
  • Training in developing exercise prescriptions for all age groups

The program is offered in partnership with the American Council on Exercise® (ACE). Graduates of the Certificate Program will receive a preferred discount of 20% off the ACE Certified Personal Trainer® Certification Exam (an NCCA-accredited exam) and on study materials.

The Commission on Dietetic Registration, the credentialing agency for the American Dietetic Association, has approved the Advanced Personal Fitness Trainer Certificate Program for 80 CPEUs, and the Optional Field Internship Program for 60 CPEUs for both registered dietitians and those who are dietetic technician-registered.

The following national organizations and associations have approved the Personal Fitness Trainer Program for CEC/CEUs:

  • The American Senior Fitness Association (SFA): 2.0 CEUs per program
  • The National Council on Strength and Fitness (NCSF): 10 CEUs per program
  • The National Federation of Professional Trainers (NFPT): 1 CEC per program, equivalent to an entire six-month CEC requirement

Upon registering, you're given nine months to complete this program. 






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