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Medical Transcription

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1. What does an MT do?

A medical transcriptionist converts the spoken word to the written word, thereby creating patient medical records. Since these are legal documents subject to subpoena, it’s important that the transcriptionist conform to a high standard of accuracy. It's also important for medical transcriptionists to maintain the highest standards of confidentiality in regard to their work.

2. How do I find a job? Will ed2go help me find a job? How do I get a job without experience? How can I get started working from home?

Medical transcription jobs are available. It's sometimes hard to get a foot in that first door, as it is in any field, but it's certainly not impossible.

Here are some suggestions:

  • Have business cards printed, and update your resume once you've completed the program.
  • ed2go instructors will help when possible. Much depends on the student's location, but we do have limited resources we can use.
  • You'll be referred to the nearest professional association for networking possibilities.
  • Your ed2go facilitator can be used as a reference.
  • Your education may take the place of experience in some instances and may land you an entry-level position.
  • You can also apply for an internship or a mentored position.

Many students get into medical transcription so they can work from home. As a medical transcriptionist, you can work from home as employees, as independent contractors, or as business owners. It can be as simple as asking your neighborhood physician if he or she needs some work done, or it can be as complicated as applying to one of the several national transcription firms that contracts work out from all over the United States. In today's global arena, medical transcriptionists can work in several other countries. Either your professional association or your ed2go facilitator would be a good resource for information on working in other countries.

3. Can I register for programs if I am an international student?

Yes, because ed2go programs are online you never have to actually travel to the school. Most schools offer telephone or online registration.

4. How much does an MT make a year?

A medical transcriptionist's salary is regional. You might survey hospitals, clinics, and physician's offices in your area for an hourly rate or a yearly rate. You might attend your local professional association meeting and ask for salary information. You might also check with local employment agencies for their input.

While many medical transcriptionists work by the hour, many others work on production. You can also combine the two, and work by the hour with incentive pay awarded for a particular page count, line count, or word count. There is no average number of pages, lines, or words transcribed per hour. Each employer who utilizes this method sets their own average. The bottom line is this: Quality always wins out over quantity.

5. How do I become a certified MT? After completing the program, do I have to get certified other than from the school?

Once you complete your program, your school will provide a certificate of completion, which is standard. This is usually all that’s necessary to get an entry-level job. If you want to be a Certified Medical Transcriptionist, however, you'll want to check with the Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity Web site for details. This is the professional association for medical transcriptionists, and they can provide information about AHDI certification and about the career field.

6. How long does it take to complete a program?

All of our programs are self-paced and open enrollment. You can start and finish the program at your own pace. Upon registering, you're given six months to complete this program.

7. Do I have to buy additional materials?

All materials are included. The cost of materials is covered by your tuition. ed2go ships all materials via UPS ground service upon registration.

8. Can I get financial assistance?

ed2go courses are non-credit courses, so they do not qualify for federal aid. In some states, vocational rehab or workforce development boards will pay for qualified students to take our courses.

9. What happens when I complete the program?

Upon successful completion of the program, you will be awarded a certificate of completion.

10. Am I guaranteed a job?

ed2go programs will provide you with the skills you need to obtain an entry-level position in most cases. We do not provide direct job placement services, but our instructors will help you build your resume and are available to give advice on finding your first job. Instructors will also be available to use as a professional reference upon completion of the program. Potential students should always do research on the job market in their area before registering.

11. Who will be my instructor?

Each student is paired up with a facilitator for one-on-one interaction. The facilitator will be available (via email or phone) to answer any questions you may have and to provide feedback on your performance. All of our facilitators are successful working professionals in the fields in which they teach.

12. What do I have to have in order to take an online program, and what are the system requirements?

In order to take our online programs, you must have access to a computer and the Internet (a normal dial-up connection is fine). You can access the program contents from any Web-enabled computer. There are no necessary plug-ins. You do not have to use the same computer to log-in to the program every time. We recommend that you have a word-processing program (Microsoft Word is best) and the latest version of Internet Explorer.

13. Can this program be taken on a Mac?

The required work for this program cannot be completed using a Mac; it’s recommended that students use a PC.

14. How can I get more information on the program?

If you have questions that are not answered on our website, please feel free to contact us via LIVE chat (click the button toward the top of the page). If you are visiting us during non-business hours, please feel free to send us a question using the "Contact Us" form to the right. You may also call us at 1-855-520-68061-855-520-6806 FREE. We will answer your questions promptly.

15. When can I start the program?

Our programs are all open enrollment. You can register and start the program as soon as you are ready.

Please note: Once the program curriculum is accessed online or through submission of a material shipment confirmation, refunds cannot be issued.

16.  What if I don't have enough time to complete my program within the time frame provided?

The time allotted to complete your program has been calculated based on the number of hours for each program, so don't worry too much about not completing in time. If, after a concerted effort, you are still unable to complete, your Student Advisor will help you work out a suitable completion date. Please note that a fee may be charged for an extension.


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