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The Medical Transcription + Medical Terminology includes: Medical Transcription
Medical Terminology

Medical Transcription + Medical Terminology

$1,995.00 (USD)
List Price: $2,590.00
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I enjoyed the ability to complete the course and still work and raise my children.
- M.N., Santa Fe College

I enjoyed everything in this course, especially typing reports.
- F.G., Kennesaw State University

The learning process was easy and understandable. The facilitator made notes on my reports, showing how I can improve.
- M.L., St. Lawrence-Lewis BOCES

My facilitators were always there to help me when I had questions and were very friendly. I have taken other online courses before and these were by far my favorite. Everything was easy to follow and understand.
- J.M., Ivy Tech Community College-East Central

I had previously taken a Medical Terminology/Medical Transcription course through a different school, which I did not complete. Your course was more understandable and your course also came with the foot and headset to operate the audio files. Much more realistic than the previous course which only cassette tapes.
- J.L., Polytechnic State University

I enjoyed developing a friendship with my instructor. I appreciated all the helpful information she gave me. She corrected my errors, but never made me feel bad about a mistake.
- P.W., Kennesaw State University

I enjoyed that I had the ability to do it at my own pace while maintaining my full-time job. My facilitator was prompt in grading and providing comments.
- N.M., Eastern Shore Community College

It was a very pleasurable experience. I learned a lot through the practice transcriptions. I liked that I was able to see the correct answers before I handed in the work. Through this method I could see my mistakes and learn from them. My facilitator was great and the support I received was excellent.
- G.F., Huntingdon County CTC

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