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Certified National Pharmaceutical Representative

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The goal of the Certified National Pharmaceutical Representative (CNPR) Online Pharmaceutical Sales Training Program is to develop your knowledge in clinical pharmacology, physiology, pharmaceutical sales guidelines/techniques, and medical terminology. This knowledge will greatly enhance your understanding of the pharmaceutical sales industry, its regulatory selling process and candidates should mention the successful completion of CNPR Training in the Education portion of their resume.

The CNPR Program was developed in partnership with the National Association of Pharmaceutical Sales Representatives (NAPSRx). This unique training program will educate and train you for a new career as a pharmaceutical sales representative and for the CNPR examination. As a registered student of the CNPR program, you'll automatically become a member of NAPSRx, and you'll be eligible to sit for the CNPR national certification exam at no additional cost.

CNPR students must agree to uphold the NAPSRx Standards of Ethical Practices and Certification Program Rules. The CNPR examination requires the candidate to demonstrate comprehensive knowledge of both federal regulations and the pharmaceutical industry. The objective of the NAPSRx is to set standards accepted within the profession and to assure the public that the organization acts in the best interests of the pharmaceutical sales industry and the public.

The CNPR Program completion will show pharmaceutical sales employers you are qualified by demonstrating the necessary knowledge in pharmacology, medical terminology, physiology, and regulations for selling pharmaceuticals. The CNPR examination is dedicated to increasing the professional level of NAPSRx members and to developing meaningful and ethical standards fully accepted by both its members and members of the pharmaceutical community.

The goal of the CNPR Training Program is to prepare candidates for a career in pharmaceutical sales. All pharmaceutical sales representatives must be familiar with:
  • General medical terminology
  • Anatomy and physiology
  • Clinical pharmacology
  • Managed care 
  • Pharmaceutical terms, abbreviations, and definitions
  • Drug sampling rules
  • PI descriptions
  • Effective pharmaceutical selling techniques
  • Therapeutic classes and categories

The NAPSRx recognizes the challenges encountered in the day-to-day activity of selling to physicians, who expect sales representatives to know the clinical and pharmacology information about not only your product, but your competitors' products, too. The CNPR Pharmaceutical Sales Training Program will prepare train you for a career in pharmaceutical sales and differentiate you as a candidate with pharmaceutical companies. In addition to NAPSRx’s CNPR certificate of completion, it's generally recommended for pharmaceutical sales representatives to have a Bachelor's degree. Some smaller- and medium-sized pharmaceutical sales companies don't require a college education; however, it's difficult for candidates to break into larger companies without acquiring some college hours. Students are encouraged to research the pharmaceutical job market in their area prior to taking the program.

Upon registering, you're given six months to complete the program.







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