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Foundations of Plumbing

$2,195.00 (USD)



I. Plumbing History, Codes, and Principles
II. Tools of the Plumbing Trade
III. First Aid and Safety
IV. Basic Math for Plumbing
V. Water Supply, Water Sources, Waste Disposal, and Sewage Disposal
VI. Mechanical Properties and Protection of Building Materials and Structure
VII. Piping Materials Used in Plumbing Work
VIII. Joining Methods for DWV and Pressure Piping
IX. Squares, Square Roots, and Basic Geometry
X. Plumbing Fixtures
XI. Faucets and Related Devices
XII. Valves
XIII. Water Heaters
XIV. Building Plans, Drawings, and Scale Rulers
XV. Sketching
XVI. Communication and Skills Professionalism
XVII. Pipe Joining Techniques
XVIII. Special Applications of Plastic Pipe and Fittings
XIX. Introduction to Welding
XX. Soldering, Brazing, Cutting, and Gas Welding
XXI. Piping Materials, Sources, and Distribution for Potable Water
XXII. Water Pipe Sizing: Main-and-Branch and Individual Run Systems
XXIII. Water Heaters and Hot Water Distribution
XXIV. Cross-Connection Protection and Pipe Identification
XXV. Sewers & Sewage Disposal Methods
XXVI. Drainage Fixture Units
XXVII. Building Drains
XXVIII. Stacks
XXIX. Applied Plumbing Mathematics
XXX. Applied Geometric Concepts
XXXI. Properties of Water and Air
XXXII. Venting Plumbing Drainage Systems
XXXIII. Sump Pumps, Sewage Pumps, and Sewage Ejectors
XXXIV. Plumbing Traps
XXXV. Fixture Supports
XXXVI. Hoisting and Rigging
XXXVII. Safety Concepts
XXXVIII. Rough-In Sheets, Single Line Drawings, and Isometric Drawings
XXXIX. Venting Plumbing Drainage Systems
XL. Winning Customer Service
XLI. Customers Revealed
XLII. Customer Expectations
XLIII. Customer Service: Why Do It?
XLIV. The Decline (and Revival) of Customer Service
XLV. Moving Forward with the Four P’s
XLVI. Traits of Outstanding Customer Reps
XLVII. Measuring Customer Service
XLVIII. Customer Service Communication
XLIX. Helping Upset Customers





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