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HVACR Certified Technician

$3,845.00 (USD)










I would like to thank you for being patient and very helpful while partaking in the tremendous experience with this field of education.
- M.M., California State University, San Bernardino

I honestly want to thank you for your good work, dedication and support you gave me during the two previous classes. I am not of many words, so thank you very much for all your great help and support.
- S.Q., Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey

I actually do understand more after your modules, then any of the others I had previously attempted. They started easy and got harder as I progressed, taking longer to master as the number went higher - well done on your end! I really do completely understand how a reversing valve works! The best tool a student can use in this course is the Module Objectives. They are good to reference the particular subject on a page in the module if you have a memory lapse.
- B.M., Knox-County Career Center

I very much enjoyed discussing with my facilitator, regarding the applications of basic principles in course work to real world field services. All my facilitators gave me great support with their expertise in their specific fields. I really appreciated their kindness.
- F.C., Norwalk Community College

Natasha you are the best! Thank you for helping me and getting me through my bad times, when I felt like giving up. Ed2go should be proud to have somebody so supportive on their team. THANK YOU!
- D.B., Borough of Manhattan Community College

Your class was great, I learned so much. I am already using what I learned at work. I never realized how much was involved in heating and cooling areas, and maintaining comfort for our customers. Thanks again.
- L.S., Muskegon Community College

I would like to thank ed2go and all my mentors, for being patient and very helpful in partaking their tremendous experience with this field of education. More power to all.
- E.T., California State University San Bernardino

“I just finished the course #113 HVACR Electrical Common Components. I definitely got a better understanding. I also have a much better understanding of how to hook up my electrical components instead of going by the existing installations. It’s not guess work anymore!
- M.M., Erie Community College

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