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HVAC/R Simulations for Field Technicians

Work through true-to-life simulations of common HVAC/R scenarios and gain applicable service, maintenance, and troubleshooting skills. This hands-on simulator course will help you hone your technical abilities and build your knowledge of complex heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration systems.

$495.00 (USD)


As HVAC/R systems become increasingly complex, learning and mastering the latest technology is critical. HVAC/R Simulations for Field Technicians offers a rich, hands-on learning experience that mimics field performance in a completely online environment. You will practice servicing, maintaining, and troubleshooting common HVAC/R scenarios in true-to-life service call simulations.

You will work through approximately 200 scenarios to master seven pieces of HVAC/R equipment – Gas Furnace, Oil Furnace, Gas Boiler, Split Residential A/C, Commercial A/C, Heat Pumps, and Commercial Walk-in Freezers. Your skills and knowledge are then put to the test in 12 ungraded assessment simulations. If you need to sharpen your diagnostic and troubleshooting skills, this online course is ideal.

Please note this course is not graded by an instructor and no grades will be awarded upon the completion. For the certificate of completion to be provided, you must verify that you have completed all simulations to the best of your ability.







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