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Horse Care Management

Horse Care Management
$2,995.00 (USD)




  1. Horse Care A
    1. Horse Psychology and Handling Horses
    2. Considerations for Buying and Selling Horses
    3. Evaluating Conformation in the Horse
    4. The Digestive System and Basic Principles of Equine Nutrition
    5. Principles of Pasture Management
    6. Principles of Proper Grooming
    7. Industry Applications
  2. Horse Care B
    1. Feeds for Horses
    2. Stable Management Practices
    3. Bedding and Mucking Out
    4. Principles of Hoof Care and Shoeing
    5. Exercise and Conditioning
    6. Tack and Tack Fitting
    7. Horse Facility Design
  3. Horse Care C
    1. Utilizing Blankets, Bandages and Boots
    2. Principles of Equine Health Management
    3. Clipping and Trimming the Competitive Horse
    4. Transporting and Managing Horses Away from Home
    5. Organizing and Managing a Horse Event
    6. Aspects of Operating a Horse Enterprise
  4. Equine Behavior (Option 1)
    1. Introduction to Equine Behavior
    2. How Genetics Influence Behavior
    3. Perception and Response Behavior
    4. Communication and Social Behavior
    5. Sexual and Reproductive Behaviors
    6. Learning Behaviors and Training Methods
    7. Addressing Maladaptive Behavior in Horses
  5. Horse Breeding (Option 2)
    1. Fundamental Principles of Horse Breeding
    2. Reproductive Physiology of the Mare
    3. Reproductive Physiology of the Stallion
    4. Breeding Management Practices
    5. Management of the Pregnant Mare
    6. Understanding the Foaling Process
    7. Care of the Newborn Foal
    8. Infertility and Reproductive Disorders





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