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The Certified Credit Counselor and Certified Financial Health Counselor (Exam Included) includes: Certified Credit Counselor (Exam Included)
Certified Financial Health Counselor (Exam Included)

Certified Credit Counselor and Certified Financial Health Counselor (Exam Included)

$3,195.00 (USD)
List Price: $3,990.00
Save: $795.00 (20% off)




  1. Introduction

  2. The Defining Role of the Financial Counselor
    1. The Components of Financial Well-Being
    2. Establishing the Client/Counselor Relationship
    3. Rapport Building
    4. Poverty, Culture and Socioeconomic Variables
    5. Active Listening
    6. Asking the Right Questions

  3. Taking Control of Finances
    1. The Problem-Solving Process
    2. Where the Client is Now
    3. Where the Client Wants to Go
    4. How the Client will Get There

  4. Demystifying Consumer Credit
    1. Banking Basics
    2. Credit Basics
    3. Choosing Credit Wisely
    4. Using Credit Wisely
    5. Understanding Credit Reports
    6. Credit Scoring

  5. Understanding and Dealing with Debt
    1. Getting Into Debt
    2. Debt Collection
    3. The Consequences of Unpaid Debt
    4. Getting Out of Debt
    5. Bankruptcy

  6. Credit Counseling Today
    1. From Credit Cards to Credit Counseling
    2. Not Legal Advice or Therapy
    3. The Debt Management Plan

  7. Financial Counselor Today
    1. Housing I
    2. Housing Part II
    3. Housing Part III
    4. Student Financial Aid
    5. Retirement Planning

  8. Supplement
  1. Ethics
  2. Consumer Resources
  3. Consumer Protection Legislation






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