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NASM Certified Personal Trainer and Exam Preparation (Voucher Included)

$1,295.00 (USD)




  1. Introduction and Resistance Training Concepts
    1. Physical activity guidelines as they relate to the Optimum Performance Training (OPT) Model
    2. Models of resistance training
    3. Effective exercise techniques
  2. Human Movement Assessments/Fitness Testing and Evaluation
    1. Major muscles and their functions
    2. Subjective, objective, and performance assessments
    3. Movement and postural assessments
  3. Concepts of Integrated Training - Flexibility, Cardiorespiratory, and Core
    1. Principles of human movement and flexibility
    2. Benefits of cardiorespiratory fitness
    3. Importance of the core
    4. Proper exercise technique
    5. Progressions and regressions
    6. General differences in the stages of training for exercises
  4. Concepts of Integrated Training - Balance, Plyometric, and SAQ
    1. Balance
    2. Plyometric (reactive)
    3. Speed, agility, and quickness (SAQ) training
    4. Safe and effective techniques
    5. Progressions and regressions
    6. Differences in training for these concepts in each phase of the OPT model
  5. Design of Fitness Programs and Modalities
    1. Program design using the OPT model
    2. Acute training variables
    3. Different exercise modalities
    4. Various models of resistance training
  6. Human Movement Science/Exercise Modalities and Technique
    1. Structure and function of the human body
    2. Functions of anatomy and physiology during exercise
    3. Systems related to exercise
    4. Metabolism and how it is affected by exercise
  7. Special Populations, Nutrition, and Professional Development
    1. Program design adaptations for individuals with health impairments or physical conditions
    2. Basic concepts to nutrition, supplementation, communication skills and goal setting strategies
  8. Certification Exam Preparation
    1. Test taking strategies
    2. Practice exam
    3. Make a self-remediation plan based on your results
    4. Review NASM's standards of professional practice as a professional fitness trainer.





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