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Accounts Payable Specialist Certification (Exam Cost Included)

This online course covers AP fundamentals, best practices, and regulatory compliance, all of which are necessary to excel in the accounts payable field.

$1,295.00 (USD)




  1. Introduction
  2. Overview
    1. Mission and Vision
    2. The Role and Impact of Accounts Payable
    3. The Importance of Professionalism
    4. Overview of AP Business Models
    5. Accounting Terms
  3. Internal Controls
    1. Overview: What are Internal Controls and Why Do They Matter?
    2. Types of Internal Controls
    3. Internal Control Legislation and Best Practice
    4. Fraud
    5. Detective Controls/Audits
    6. Record Retention and Destruction
    7. Writing Complaint Internal Control Policies and Procedures
  4. Tax and Regulatory
    1. Blocked and Denied Parties
    2. Reporting Income
    3. Other Federal Regulations
    4. Tax on Purchases
    5. Value Added Tax (VAT), Goods and Services Tax (GST), Consumption Tax (CT)
    6. Unclaimed Property and Escheatment
    7. Financial Reporting
    8. Audit Record-Gathering
  5. Vendor Master File
    1. Vendor Master Files Basics
    2. Vendor Verification
    3. Duplicate Vendor Check
    4. Vendor Setup Conventions
    5. Setting Up Vendors
    6. Changes to the VMF
    7. Maintaining the Vendor File
    8. Automated Solutions and Vendor Portals
    9. Monitoring Vendor Performance
  6. Invoices
    1. Invoice Fundamentals
    2. Receiving and Prepping invoices
    3. Entering Invoices
    4. Invoice Matching and Approvals
    5. Other Invoice Types
    6. Exceptions
  7. Payments
    1. Paper Checks
    2. Electronic Payments
    3. Card Payments
    4. Petty Cash
    5. Payment Issues
    6. Discount Management
  8. Travel and Entertainment (T&E)
    1. Understanding T&E Policies and Regulations
    2. Travel Cards
    3. Receipts
    4. Reimbursements
    5. Automation
    6. Policy Enforcement and Expense Auditing
    7. Fraud
    8. The Accountable Plan (U.S.)
  9. Technology and Automation
    1. Solution Types and Functions
    2. Overcoming Resistance to Change
    3. Security





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