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Microsoft Excel Certification Training (Voucher Included)

Becoming a certified Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) Expert demonstrates your mastery of Microsoft Office products. This course prepares you for the Microsoft Office Specialist Expert certification exam for Microsoft Excel.

$650.00 (USD)









"This course is very thorough in explaining all the ins and outs of Excel. I really liked the videos. It helps having both a visual and typed out learning experience." - Pamela T.

"The website and courses are easy to navigate and great for study." - Jessica B.

"The program was very straightforward, easy to access, and on my timeline. It was instrumental in furthering my skills." - Tamara F.

"I liked the convenience of the self-paced course, and the material was great." - Patricia L.

"The course was very informative. I especially like how the exercise solutions were explained." - Kathryn B.

"I thought the course was laid out excellently and appreciated that the step-by-step instructions were always easy to follow."-Holly M.

"The class was great! Everything was clearly explained in each lesson, and help was always available if needed." - Stephanie O.

"Excel used to be very intimidating for me because of all the formulas, but in this class, I learned how to use all of its features, and it was actually fun! I especially liked having practice exercises after every lesson." - Dulce M.

"This course was the best! Very informative and clear." - Tamila I.

"I recommend taking this course if you want to improve your Excel skills. I liked the method, exercises, and videos." - Mario M.

"It helped me improve and expand on my Excel skills. I will look at other courses." - Michael K.

"The lessons were easy to follow, and the videos helped explain the more complicated aspects of Excel. I really liked that I could work on the lessons as my schedule allowed." - Melissa C.

"The Excel certification course provides extensive knowledge and greatly benefits one in professional development as well as educational development." - Chandra S.

"It seems that the staff are here to assist you and for me they went above and beyond their call of duty. They were very helpful and seemed to want you to achieve your goal." - Reynols V.

"Excellent program that certainly prepared me for Excel 2019 in the workplace! Thank you!" - Darlene M.

"This training program will be helpful for an Administrative Assistant at any type of position." - Jose S.

"Excellent course to acquire knowledge to grow in your career path."- David S.

"I loved that I was able to learn at my own pace since I work and have kids."- Elizabeth W.

"This course makes it so easy to learn!" - Jeanine S.

"Excellent overview of Excel - from beginning to advanced." - Rebecca B.

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