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Financial Assistance

ed2go's Online Career Training Programs are competitively priced and offer you an exceptional value as you train for your new career. The program cost may vary slightly at each accredited partner institution.

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Private Education Loan

This financing option is ideal for students who would like to pay for their program over a longer period of time. The maximum amount that may be borrowed on this interest-bearing loan is $3300 and must be paid off within 12 months (annual maximum is $6600). The standard interest rate for the loan ranges between 9% and 12%. The down payment ranges from just $1 to $199. Interest rates and down payments vary by program and are based on FICO score.

Military Tuition Assistance

The Armed Forces offers eligible military members, their dependents and veterans several program benefit options to support their educational goals. For active and actively drilling members, this includes up to $4500 in Tuition Assistance for college courses, vocational training, and certificate courses taken. Each service has its own criteria for eligibility, obligated service, application processes, and restrictions. For more information, please visit the Military page.

Government Funding

Many of our ed2go Career Training Programs are approved for Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA), Vocational Rehabilitation, Trade Adjustment Act (TAA), and other funding. Click here for government funding information.


†Your down payment is due at the time of application approval. Loan requests must be made for the full tuition amount. Loans for partial tuition amounts will not be accepted. Here you can view the loan solicitation disclosure.


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