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Residential Electrician

From updating existing buildings to building construction, demand for electricians is on the rise. This course will train you for an entry-level career as an electrician by teaching you the fundamental skills you need to succeed, such as electrical theory, wiring and installation, customer service best practices, the National Electrical Code®, and much more.

$2,595.00 (USD)









"I recently secured an apprenticeship position at a commercial company. Your course was very straightforward, and I learned more than I would have ever anticipated in this past year. I can now start my career and be well on my way to being an electrician in the field, which has been a goal of mine for a very long time. I had actually switched out of electrical engineering last year, and the switch into this course could not have been more seamless." -Brandon P.

"Thanks so much for creating this program! It's very refreshing to see and set higher standards in this trade. I found the course to be very interesting and helpful. It has already helped me land a job with a very promising and proactive solar company. This course has definitely set my standards for this trade. Thank you." -Dalton W.

"This course helped put me on a new career path that I am very excited for. Having a baby girl at home, I wanted to find something that could give me a better work-life balance than the hospitality field and a trade that has a secure future. I was taken on as an apprentice for a small local electrical company in my area, and I have been really loving it the past two weeks. They're going to sign me up and pay for my apprentice schooling through the state, which starts in September. I'm beyond excited and hoping to reach journeyman status in the not too distant future." - Liam M

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