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Horse Care Management

Horse Care Management teaches the principles of equine husbandry and a practical knowledge of horse care management skills. This comprehensive course is perfect for individuals interested in horses, horse care, or starting a career in the horse industry.

Horse Care Management
$2,995.00 (USD)




  1. Horse Care I: Equine Husbandry Basics
  2. Domestication/Development of the Horse
  3. Form to Function
  4. Definitions of Movement
  5. Teeth and Age Determination
  6. Feet & Hoof Care
  7. Horsemanship and Equitation
  8. Basic Handling of Horses
  9. Horse Care II: Equine Herd Health Management
  10. Review of Disease
  11. Normal Health Parameters & Signs of Disease
  12. Common Infectious Diseases
  13. Parasite Management
  14. Digestive System Disorders
  15. Miscellaneous Diseases
  16. Wound Management and First Aid
  17. Horse Management III: Equine Nutrition
  18. Review of the Horse's Digestive Anatomy & Physiology
  19. Review of the Basic Nutrients
  20. Animal Factors Affecting Nutrition
  21. Feed Factors Affecting Nutrition
  22. Feeding Factors Affecting Nutrition
  23. Feed-Induced Diseases
  24. Horse Training Principles (Option 1)
  25. Introduction to Equine Behavior
  26. Patterns of General Behavior
  27. Social Behavior
  28. Intelligence/Factors Affecting Learning
  29. Foundations in Horsemanship
  30. Principles of Training
  31. Horse Breeding (Option 2)
  32. Basic Principles in Selective Breeding
  33. Reproductive Physiology of the Mare
  34. Reproductive Physiology of the Stallion
  35. Breeding Management of the Mare
  36. Breeding Management of the Stallion
  37. Management of Pregnancy & Parturition
  38. Reproductive Failure
  39. Principles of Artificial Insemination & Embryo Transfer





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